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FAQs - Four Year Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - Athletic Therapy

Are there any high school pre-requisites for Athletic Therapy?

The Athletic Therapy program requires one of Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S or Applied Mathematics 40S. It is also recommended to take Biology as well as one of Chemistry or Physics, and your physical education options.

Do I need to apply to get into Athletic Therapy?

Yes. All students planning to pursue the 4 year BSc. Athletic Therapy degree must submit an Enhanced Major Form after successful completion of 60 credit hours of prescribed courses (2 years of full-time study).

How and when do I apply?

Students apply after completing the 60 required credits in the first two years of Kinesiology. For all information on the application process, requirements, and any other information, please visit our AT webpage.


Are there any high school pre-requisites for Athletic Therapy?

The Athletic Therapy program requires one of Pre-Calculus Mathematics 40S or Applied Mathematics 40S. It is also recommended to take Biology as well as one of Chemistry or Physics, and your physical education options.

What are the selection criteria?
  1. 60 credits hours of required courses or equivalents
  2. Minimum B grade in Human Anatomy and Prevention and Care of Athletic injuries (or equivalents)
  3. Minimum 3.0 GPA
  4. Current Standard First Aid - Red Cross or equivalent, and Basic Life Support
  5. Curriculum vitae, AT experience
  6. Reference letter (from a Professional who can speak to your suitability for the program)
  7. Personal submission
When is the deadline for the application?

The deadline is April 1st of the intake year.  Transfer students should submit their applications by January 1st to allow time for evaluation of transfer courses.

How many students will be accepted to the program each year?

The program will be limited to approximately 20 students per year.

When are admission decisions made?

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of May of the intake year.

How long does the program take to complete?

The program is four years in total. The first two “Pre-Athletic Therapy” years are dedicated to completing the 60 credit prerequisites that are needed to be accepted into the program. The AT specific courses and practicum experience will take  up the remaining 2 years.

Can I complete the program part-time?

The first two years of “Pre Athletic Therapy” can be done on a part time basis. Years three and four of the Athletic Therapy program is a full-time commitment .


Do you offer Athletic Therapy courses in the spring, summer or evening?

We offer a limited number of “pre-athletic therapy” courses in the evenings and spring. Check the spring calendar for current offerings. 

Can I take practicum courses in the spring or summer?

Yes, with the understanding that you must complete a minimum number of hours for each course and that the internship experience has been approved by our department. Practicum placements can also be approved at locations outside of Manitoba. Practicum placements must be approved by the practicum coordinator. 

Can I transfer courses from another university?

Yes, providing it meets the minimum requirements of the University of Winnipeg and has been approved by the admissions office. Transcripts and course description may be required by the admissions office.

I have already completed 60 credit hours at another institution, can I go directly into the Athletic Therapy program?

To go directly into the AT enhanced major portion of the degree, you would must have completed most of the 60 credit hours that we require students have when they apply. You can transfer up to 60 credit hours from another university. They would have to be deemed equivalent to our Kinesiology prerequisites in order to be accepted into the AT enhanced major. 

Unfortunately, we cannot evaluate your credits and what would transfer over until you apply to the university. Once this process is complete, you can see what you have received credit for, take what is remaining here at the University of Winnipeg, and then apply to the enhanced major program. Depending on what has transferred over, it may take you more time (ex. three years rather than two). In some cases, if there is only one or two courses outstanding, it may be possible to make adjustments.


Can I get credit for a previous degree?

The CATA requires that you graduate from an institution that offers an accredited athletic therapy curriculum.  As such, you will need to obtain a degree from the University of Winnipeg.   Up to 60 credit hours of courses from a previous degree can be transferred if they apply to our curriculum and degree requirements. This is done on an individual basis.

Do I have to be a member of the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) before I apply
  1. No, however, the CATA requires that you become a member 18 months prior to when you plan to challenge the National Certification Exam. This means that, if you want to write the exam in June of your graduation year, you hmust be a member of the CATA by December.
  2. Application to the CATA is the student’s responsibility.
Can I talk to students already in the Athletic Therapy curriculum?

Yes, you can speak to members of the Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy Student Association by contacting them at uofwkatsa@gmail.com.

What is the job market for Athletic Therapy?

The job market is diverse including private athletic therapy clinics, multidisciplinary clinics, reconditioning centers, sports teams etc.  Graduates are also being recruited to work as case managers in the insurance industry, as a sales representative in the health products industry (braces etc.) and in the pharmaceutical industry. Like most other professions, you will need to be proactive in creating a resume and establishing contacts in the job market.

For further information about the Athletic Therapy program contact:

Dr. Glen Bergeron
Athletic Therapy Program Director
Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health
Phone: (204) 786-9190
E-mail: g.bergeron@uwinnipeg.ca