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Bringing the classroom into the workplace

Most students are concerned about finding a job in their field and gaining work experience in order to launch their new career post-graduation.  Terina Ingram, UWinnipeg FBE student, has no such worries because she's already landed her dream job thanks to UWinnipeg's Co-operative Education Program.

"I am very thankful that I have the job I have and I absolutely love it!" says Terina. "If it were not for the Co-op Program, I would not be where I am today!"

Terina is working for the Civil Service Commission as an HR Consultant while she completes the last of her classes before graduation in April, 2020.  She has a major in Marketing, but during her studies, she realized that she preferred Human Resources and made the switch that gave her a second major in HR.

In April 2019, Terina applied for a Co-op job with the provincial government and was hired over the summer for four months.  She was also in the STEP program, so she stayed on part-time while she went back to university.  In January of this year, Terina was appointed to a full-time permanent position as an HR Consultant.

"I got to do the recruitment and labour relations side of things.  In my Co-op placement, I worked in all areas of HR and that allowed me to get my consulting position," says Terina.

Terina works on the other side of the table now, and reviews candidate resumes and cover letters. As she filters through the applications, she wants students to know that their resume can either get them in the door for an interview, or quickly eliminated from competition, even though they may be the perfect fit.

"Now I see students apply.  I know they're amazing, but the resume and cover letter doesn't show this.  I can't screen them in because it doesn't show what they are able to do for the job, " says Terina. "It's unfortunate to see individuals all the time that don't know how to properly make the cover letter and resume."

The struggle is real, and Terina says that she didn't know how to create an appropriate resume or cover letter before she joined the UWinnipeg Co-op Program. She gives credit to Jessica Adkin, Co-op Coordinator, for the module sessions and all the vital professional topics covered in classes. 

"There's nowhere else that I was taught how to do it!  I would not have known how to cater a resume for a job," says Terina.  "They (applicants) must have the criteria to come for an interview!"

Along with the professional training that Co-op offered, Terina appreciates her HR business courses that directly relate to what she's doing in the workplace.

"My classes with Professor Grace O'Farrell in Compensation and Benefits directly relates to everything I'm doing right now, and my classes with Professor Karen Harlos in Motivation, Power and Teams really dives into what teams are, and how to be aware of it (teamwork)."

Terina hopes that current and future students can benefit from some of her major regrets while at UWinnipeg and says, "One regret is that I didn't get involved with BASA in my first and second year here.  I would have received a lot of opportunities through those experiences."  

"I also wish I had joined the Co-op Program earlier, and not waited until last year.  If I had known about it sooner, I would have gained vast (work) experiences," she adds.