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Co-op Accounting

Join the University of Winnipeg Accounting Co-op Program!

Are you ready to take your accounting education to the next level? The University of Winnipeg's Accounting Program is designed to meet the prerequisites for the CPA designation. Our Accounting Co-op Program offers an exceptional opportunity for students to combine classroom learning with real-world experience, setting you up for a successful and fulfilling career in the dynamic field of accounting.

Why Choose the University of Winnipeg Accounting Co-op Program?

1. Practical Experience:

Our Co-op program provides hands-on, practical experience that complements your classroom learning. You'll have the chance to work with industry-leading organizations, applying your knowledge to real-world scenarios and gaining valuable skills that employers demand.

2. Industry Connections:

Through our extensive network of industry partners, you'll have access to valuable connections within the accounting profession. This opens doors to potential job opportunities, mentorship, and a deeper understanding of the industry's trends and practices.

3. Enhanced Employability:

Our Accounting Co-op Program graduates excel in both academia and the professional domain, making them highly valued by employers. Co-op experience enhances competitiveness and job prospects. Additionally, our program emphasizes vital soft skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability essential for career success.

4. Resume Building:

A Co-op placement on your resume showcases your dedication to your field and your commitment to gaining practical experience. This sets you apart from other candidates and demonstrates your proactive approach to learning and career development.

5. Personal Growth:

Beyond professional benefits, co-op experiences often lead to personal growth. You'll build confidence, expand your horizons, and develop a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement.

6. Financial Support:

Co-op placements are paid, providing you with a valuable income stream while you learn. This financial support can help offset tuition costs and living expenses.

Your accounting Co-op experience can count towards the CPA designation – currently, up to 12 months of your Co-op experience can count towards the 30-month requirement!

Recommended Co-op Accounting Schedule

Fall Term

September - December

Winter Term

January - April

Summer Term

May - August

Year 2 Apply for Co-op
Academic Term
Academic Term Co-op Work Term 1
Year 3 Academic Term Co-op Work Term 2 Academic Term
Year 4 Co-op Work Term 3 Academic Term Academic Term

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Invest in your future by joining the University of Winnipeg Accounting Co-op Program. Experience the benefits of combining classroom learning with real-world experience, setting yourself up for success in the competitive world of accounting.

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