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Work Terms

Co-op students can take one, two or three work terms.  The majority of placements commence in May and end in the last week of August. 

Work Terms:

Summer Work Term
Co-op students in a Summer Work Term placement will begin working the first week of May and work for minimally four months in a paid position that will be completed by the end of August.  COOP I is always a Summer Work Term in order to allow for course module completion. If this is your first time in the Co-op Program, you can ONLY apply for Summer Work Terms.

Fall Work Term
Once students have completed COOP I Summer Work Term, they may choose to do a Co-op Placement in the Fall Term.  The Fall Work Term commences in the first week of September and runs through until mid-end of December.  Students must be available to work full-time during this term.

Winter Work Term
The Winter Work Term commences in the first week of January and is completed by the end of April.  COOP II and/or COOP III students may opt for the Winter Work Term providing they are available to work full-time and are a returning student.

Applications Open: June 1.
Application Deadline: September 1.
Apply Today

Students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply early to avoid disappointment!

*COOP I is a prerequisite prior to students taking COOP II or COOP III (or Fall or Winter or additional Summer Work Terms).  COOP I is always a Summer Work Term; with successful completion of the Co-op Module Training sessions required in order to pass.