Myth, Musings, and MEMES: UW Instructor featured in SCS Blog

Fri. May. 1, 2020

Dr. Victoria Austen-Perry's classical mythology class - in particular her "myth memes" social media assignment - was one of several online assignments featured on the Society for Classical Studies blog entry.

From the blog: "Memes have made their way into the Classics classroom as well. Victoria Austen-Perry at the University of Winnipeg, for example, has developed a meme-based assignment for her Classical Mythology course (a course which she has referred to as “Myth, Musings, and MEMES”). She sees it as a “non-traditional” format that tests knowledge without feeling like an exam and not unimportantly one that the students enjoyed. Austen-Perry explains: 'Memes are an amazing way to process and summarize information—you can’t explain why they are funny unless you ‘get’ the information.' McCulloch agrees: 'Creating a dense set of references, or just getting them when you see them, is a sheer delight.' In this way memes can promote learning and build community through shared experience and knowledge."

Read the full blog entry: "Evaluating Classics in Social Media from Twitter to Facebook and Beyond"