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Presence and Absence in War Memorials, Ancient and Modern

Fri. Oct. 25 03:00 PM - Fri. Oct. 25 04:00 PM
Contact: Peter J. Miller, pj.miller@uwinnipeg.ca
Location: Room 115, Merchant's Corner, 541 Selkirk Avenue

Promo poster for Prof. Matthew Sears' New Directions in Classics lecture, text on web pageProf. Matthew Sears, University of New Brunswick

Far from simply recording or preserving history, war memorials should be considered part of history, both reflecting and shaping how a society expresses itself. War memorials honour the dead, but also the ideals for which they supposedly fought. By the same token, what is left out of memorials is also telling. Today, ancient and modern war memorials are being mobilized by the far-right to advance exclusionary ideas about the "West" and its values. In this talk, Dr. Matthew Sears advocated for a new and critical evaluation of war memorials and their myriad uses.

Sponsored by the Society for Classical Studies Classics Everywhere Initiative

Light refreshments provided. All welcome.

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