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Degree Planning 

All University of Winnipeg undergraduate degrees, including a BBA, involve meeting general requirements set at the university level, as well as meeting requirements specific to a particular discipline, set by the department specializing in that discipline.  For a BBA, the specific discipline is business; the department is Business and Administration.

The objective of these degree planning forms is to help you consider both business-specific and general degree requirements of your University of Winnipeg BBA degree program. As such, these forms are simply a planning tool for your benefit, and need not to be submitted to either the Business and Administration Department or Student Services.

The Department has a dedicated Student Support Office located on the main (ground) floor of the Buhler Centre on Portage Avenue.  Staff in the Support Office are trained to help you navigate through your degree options and review your annual schedule and course progression.  It is an invaluable resource available to anyone studying Business at the University of Winnipeg.


If you have decided that studying Business is the right decision for you, you must declare your intent to undertake a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree and submit it to Student Central.  There are four reasons for this:

  1. To give the university an indication as to which degree requirements should be used to determine your eligibility for graduation;
  2. To be a catalyst to require you to think through your degree program all the way to completion and to help you do so in time to make necessary plans;
  3. To be a catalyst to bring you into contact with a representative of the Business and Administration Department;
  4. To give the Department and the University the better understanding of the number of the students in the program for resource planning purposes (i.e. hiring needs, number of course sections, etc.)
  5. Finally, by declaring your intent, the Student Planning module in WebAdvisor will more accurately reflect your progress in your degree and/or requirements.

These forms deal only with the business-specific requirements of a BBA degree and the requirements of a BBA degree specific to the administrative studies.  You are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor from Student Services regarding the university’s general degree requirements, and to request a “graduation audit” through Student Services one year prior to your intended graduation date.

3 Year BBA Degree Planning Worksheet

4 Year BBA Degree Planning Worksheet

Declaration for BBA Degree - 3yr and 4yr (Current Calendar) (revised 14 November 2017)

Declaration for BBA Degree - Administrative Studies Stream

Declaration for BBA Degree - Business Administration Stream

Declaration for BBA Degree - Economics & Finance

Declaration for BA Degree - Economics & Finance