Branded Templates


UWinnipeg's Marketing and Communications Department has created a set of branded templates for the UWinnipeg community. These templates were designed for MS Office applications (Word and Powerpoint) with commonly-installed fonts for compatibility, and contain graphic elements that adhere to UWinnipeg branding standards.

By using these templates (which can be overwritten with your own text), you are helping to maintain visual consistency among institutional communication materials, thereby supporting the integrity of UWinnipeg's visual identity. If you have any questions about using these templates, please contact UWinnipeg's Marketing and Communications Department at 

The following documents are authorized  for use by UWinnipeg faculty and staff for both internal and external communications — including presentations, reports, and promotion of departmental events. Note: promotional materials for high profile UWinnipeg initiatives, particularly those with a large external audience, should be created by (or in consultation with) the Marketing and Communications Department.

PowerPoint Template

This UWinnipeg-branded template includes two ‘blank’ slide variations that can be used/duplicated where you need to add your own content. Also included are slides to create a suitable cover/title page for the presentation – or can be used throughout to enhance the visual impact of your efforts (or removed if not required).

Invitation Templates

These UWinnipeg-branded templates may be used for institutional events and activities. They contain a UWinnipeg logo and may not be modified to include any other sub-logos or third-party logos. It is preferable to modify your content so that it fits suitably within the template formatting parameters.

Poster Templates

This set of poster templates contains the UWinnipeg logo.

This set of posters is intended for use with your unit's sublogo. Please email if you require assistance.