The University of Winnipeg uses specific typefaces for its branded communication materials: the Trade Gothic font family and the Archer font family. Normally, Trade Gothic will be used for body copy and secondary headings, and Archer used for main headings. A third typeface, Filosofia, is used for logos only.

Branding-use fonts

Trade Gothic is a font family that consists of condensed and regular widths, as well as various weights (light, medium, bold, etc.) and oblique versions of each weight. Any of these may be used as appropriate.  

Archer also has a wide variety of options for weight, from hairline to bold, and italic versions of each. Any of these may be used as appropriate.  

Filosofia is used only in the logotype section of the main UWinnipeg logo and sub-brand logos. It should not be used in other applications.

Standard-use fonts

When using UWinnipeg official templates or in other circumstances where the brand fonts are not available, use these secondary fonts instead.

Arial has a number of variations and is available on every computer. If using a downloaded template, be sure to follow the guidelines provided for margins, point size and other type setting in the template that you are using.

Rockwell is available on most computers and should be used as a substitute for Archer as a heading font. There are regular and bold versions, with italic versions of each.

Note: Avoid using novelty fonts or common system fonts other than the ones noted above, in order to maintain a consistent and professional presentation for UWinnipeg materials.