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The UWinnipeg logomark is our most commonly used and recognizable brand component. It is important to ensure that the logomark is used consistently and correctly. 

Logo guidelines

Please uphold the following rules of use for the UWinnipeg logo:

  • Don't change the font used in the logomark.
  • Don't separate the parts of the logo (crest and logo type). In special circumstances, the crest may be used alone; this use requires authorization from the Marketing and Communications department.
  • Don't alter the logo text to include your faculty, department, or unit name. Some authorized logo variants, including unit-level variations, are available via the Marketing and Communications department. Use only approved sub-brand logos.
  • Don't change the colours or any part of the logo; always use one of the official versions.
  • Don't stretch or distort the logo; when using the logo, always check that the correct proportions are retained.
  • Don't place the logo within a box, circle, or other shape/outline.
  • A minimum amount of clear space must be observed on all sides of the logo (clear space is equal to the height of the crest).
  • To ensure legibility, use the logo at vertical sizes no smaller than 1/4" or 40 pixels (horizontal version) and 3/8" or 50 pixels (left-stack version).
  • When placing the logo on a colour, texture, or photograph, use the logo version that provides maximum legibility.
  • Ensure the contrast between the logo and background are sufficiently high so that all parts of the logomark are legible.
  • When placing the logo over photos or textures, the logo should be set in a clear area where the background does not interfere with legibility. 

Approved versions of the UWinnipeg logo

There are several approved variations of the UWinnipeg logo, as shown below. Use of UWinnipeg logos variations by external organizations for any purpose requires authorization from the Marketing and Communications department.

1. Horizontal, colour crest with black or white type

UW logo horizontal black type   uw_logo_horizontal_white-colour.png

2. Horizontal, black or reversed

UW logo horizontal black   uw_logo_horizontal_ko.png

3. Left-stacked, colour crest with black or white type

UW logo left stack colour black type UW logo left stack colour white type

4. Left-stacked, black or reversed

uw_logo_stack-left_k.png   UW logo left stack reverse

5. Centred, colour crest with black or white type

UW logo centre black text   UW centre logo white text

6. Centred, black or reversed

black centre logo   UW white centre stack logo with background

Read the University of Winnipeg's formal Brand Identity Policy. Contact us at communications@uwinnipeg.ca if you have any questions.