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Each faculty, department, college, centre and administrative unit is a vital part of UWinnipeg. Though units have their distinct strengths, needs, and functions — it’s to the University’s benefit when all areas present themselves to the world in a uniform fashion; it’s to the benefit of the units as well, when they leverage the strong brand currency of The University of Winnipeg. 

Each sub-brand has an approved logo, which may be used on its unit-specific materials. The sub-logos are generally intended for standalone use, such as a departmental document or promotional item that is distributed separately from (main) UWinnipeg-branded documents/items.The UWinnipeg logo and sub-brand logo variants are the only logos authorized to represent The University of Winnipeg and its units.

Below are examples of the approved UWinnipeg sub-brand logos, which illustrate the standard format: UWinnipeg logo at left; faculty, department, centre, or unit name at right in Filosofia typeface.


Sub-brand Guidelines

  • Observe the same rules and guidelines when using sub-brand logos as for the main UWinnipeg logo(s). 
  • To request the creation of a specific sub-brand logo, please contact communications@uwinnipeg.ca. Do not create (or hire anyone to create) a unique logo for your sub-brand.
  • Use the templates available for download here to create branded, professional documents and materials that represent your department.
  • Contact UWinnipeg's Marketing and Communications departments if you have speciific branding-related requirements. 

Read the University of Winnipeg's formal Brand Identity Policy. Contact us at communications@uwinnipeg.ca if you have any questions.