For marketing and communications purposes, The University of Winnipeg has an official colour palette that plays a key role in presenting a consistent, recognizable look to the institution's audiences. The approved palette should be used when creating documents and communications that represent UWinnipeg.

color palette


  • Tip: You can enter precise RGB colour values in Microsoft Word by choosing “More Colours” and “Custom.”
  • The teal, yellow, and blue colours are used thematically, in conjuction with our brand tagline, when a message is associated with a particular theme. Generally, these colours should not be used to replace UWinnipeg Red but rather used as accent colours or together with the appropriate theme.
  • A full secondary palate is being developed and is intended for use as accent colours when needed in larger publications; these colours should not be used on their own.
  • Any changes to (or deviation from) the approved colour palette are at the discretion of the Marketing and Communications department.