Bomb Threat / Suspicious Object

Emergency Response Guidelines

If possible, more than one person should listen to the incoming call.

  • Make note of the EXACT WORDING of the message and the time;
  • Keep the caller talking, obtaining as much information as possible;
  • Question the caller, if possible, as to his/her motive, type of device, location, time of detonation;
  • Listen for background noises, such as music, equipment, traffic, etc,
  • Pay attention to the caller’s voice, is the caller a male or female, is the caller loud or soft spoken, did the caller speak fast or slow, did the caller have an accent;
  • Notify your supervisor and Security Services 8.204.786.6666 from another telephone. Security Services will contact the Director of Emergency Operations and the Winnipeg Police Service
  • The person receiving the threat must remain available for Police interview.
  • The telephone where the threat was received must be monitored in the event of further threatening calls.

If a Suspicious Item is Located:

  • Immediately notify Security Services 8.204.786.6666
  • DO NOT touch or move the suspicious item.
  • Move to a safe area and await the arrival of Security Services.
  • Security Services will notify the Director of Emergency Operations and the Winnipeg Police Service
  • All personnel, who receive a bomb threat via telephone, will complete the “Telephone Threat Procedures” form. (found here under RESOURCES).

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