Armed Intruder

Emergency Response Guidelines

Evacuation Procedures - Do Not Use Elevators

Get Out - think in advance about how to get out

  • Know where you are and the location of all evacuation routes
  • If safe to do so EVACUATE the area immediately and take as many people with you as possible
  • Close and latch all doors behind you. –Do not lock –
  • If you encounter responding Police keep your hands elevated with open palms visible
  • Do not carry anything in your hands as that could be mistaken for weapons
  • Supervisory staff should help those with disabilities by escorting them to the nearest exit, safe area, or into an adjoining building. (Supervisory staff means all able employees of UWinnipeg)
  • DO NOT return until it is declared safe to do so by Police or University officials
  • Follow instructions that Police Officers may give you

Call Out - report to the Police

  • Know the correct building names, room numbers and addresses
  • Call 911 then call Security Services 8.204.786.6666
  • Provide as much detail about the intruder as possible

Hide Out - shelter-in-place

  • If you cannot exit safely, seek shelter in a room where doors can be locked or barricaded securely
  • Close and lock windows, lower the blinds
  • Cover any glass in the door, if possible
  • Turn off the lights
  • Remain out of sight of the door(s) and window(s)
  • Remain quiet and turn off cell phone
  • One person in the room should contact Police (911) or Security Services 8.204.786.6666 advising them of your location and the number of people in the room. Provide any information you have on the intruder(s)
  • Follow instructions of the 911 Operator or Security Services
  • If you cannot speak leave the line open so the 911 Operator or Security Services can hear what is going on in the room
  • Do not enter the hallways unless advised to do so by the 911 Operator or Security Services
  • If the fire alarm sounds stay where you are unless you smell smoke or are advised to leave by the 911 Operator or Security Services

If you cannot get out or hide out, playing dead could save your life.

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