Ice Storms

Emergency Response Guidelines

The term ice storm describes a storm that produces significant accumulation (.63 cm or more) of ice during freezing rain over several hours.Significant ice storms can transform roads into huge skating rinks and leave downed power lines and broken trees in their wake.

Impacts of Freezing Rain

Overhead power and communications lines and trees are perhaps hit the hardest during an ice storm.

Travel on the streets and highways would be impacted due to the build up of ice. Stopping distances on glazed ice are ten times greater than on dry pavement.

What to Do During an Ice Storm

The following are suggested actions:

  1. As there would be advanced warning of an impending ice storm, emergency kits should be checked and updated.
  2. Due to the accumulation of ice on the streets and highways, do not travel if possible.
  3. Stock up on food and water.

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