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Information for Students


We are pleased to inform students that the Learning Management System (Nexus) is now available.

The way to access the system has not changed. Using a compatible web browser, please visit the Nexus login page at: https://nexus.uwinnipeg.ca/d2l/login 

Please note that until you have reset your WebAdvisor password, you will not be able to access Nexus. For details on how to reset your password, please visit our password update page.

We would like to thank you for your patience as we resolved this issue. We are especially appreciative of the support you provided by updating your passwords. Your cooperation was a critical part of restoring access to Nexus.

Exam schedule

The new exam schedule is now available on the Exam Schedules website.

  • The April 18-April 24 schedule will remain as is to minimize the impact on students and faculty.
  • The April 11-17 initial schedule will be moved to April 25-May 2.
  • Our priority is to minimize impact and timetabling conflict for students and faculty. The Scheduling office will continue to update the information as necessary, so please check the schedule periodically to see if there have been any further changes.
  • Students who cannot attend the exam due to the exam date change should contact their instructor first. They can also follow up with Academic Advising at advising@uwinnipeg.ca regarding a deferred exam appeal.
Spring Term registration

Students who were originally scheduled to register from March 18–22 can resume registering now that WebAdvisor is available.

Students who were originally scheduled to register from March 25–April 2 have been emailed new registration start dates and times and will be able to register shortly.

Registration priority has been maintained despite the pause in access to the registration system.

Open registration begins April 16.


If you have any questions regarding your classes, please contact your instructor by email.

If you do not have your instructor’s email address, please contact Student Central for assistance.

Library services

Nearly all library services, including electronic library resources (databases, articles, ebooks, etc.) are available on the TEMPWIFI network anywhere on campus. Electronic resources are still not accessible from off campus. Library staff are ready to help you. Please contact reference@uwinnipeg.ca or the chat service if you are unable to travel to campus and they will help you in any way they can, including providing you with electronic material when possible. For more details, including more contact information, please visit the website www.uwinnipeg.ca/library

Campus Living

Due to the extension of the term and the changes to the exam period dates, the new standard move-out date will be shifted to May 3.

The StarRez system that supports Campus Living activities is now available. This will assist the activities of the Campus Living staff and allow them to support students in residence.

Questions about student services, advising, or accommodations

Student Services or Advising questions: Please contact Student Central at 204.779.8946 or studentcentral@uwinnipeg.ca

Accommodations questions: Please contact Accessibility Services at 204.786.9771 or accessibility@uwinnipeg.ca 

Transcripts, tax forms, and other documents

Tax forms: These are not available at this time. Please check WebAdvisor once our systems are operational. You could refer to your CRA account for your T2202.

Transcripts: Request by emailing transcripts@uwinnipeg.ca

Other UWinipeg documents: Contact studentcentral@uwinnipeg.ca to discuss the document you need and the options available.

Support services for students

There are many Student Services available for students. They can be accessed in person, by phone, email or by using Teams or Zoom. Appointments may be scheduled but drop-ins are also welcome. Several key resources to be aware of at this time include:

Student Central

  • Responds to general questions about the University of Winnipeg and the current outage
  • Will provide information about Spring term registration when available
  • Assists students in accessing contact information for their Instructors, Department Assistants and Department Chairs
  • Refers students to other Student Services departments to meet students’ needs

Contact information:

Accessibility Services

  • Provides accommodations in the classroom and during tests and exams for students with documented disabilities or medical conditions
  • Will arrange exam accommodations for students according to the revised exam schedule, when available

Contact information:

Academic and Career Services

  • Provides a range of information and academic supports to students
  • Will assist with academic appeals for deferred exams and extensions on incomplete term work due to the outage

Contact information:

Student Counselling Services

  • Provides counselling around a wide range of issues which students may experience
  • In addition to short term counselling, offers single sessions and peer support
  • Will support students who are experiencing stress around the current outage and related issues

Contact information:

Supports from UWSA

 Services provided by UWSA continue to be available to students. They include:

Greenshield Health Plan

The extended healthcare coverage cycle for the UWSA Health Plan runs from September – August 31st each year, so the extension of the term will not impact student health coverage



The U-Pass is a universal bus pass program for all full-time UWinnipeg students offered at a subsidized rate. The U-Pass operates per term so it is available to be used until April 30.