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Information for Faculty

Exam schedule

The new exam schedule is now available on the Exam Schedules website. We recognize that the change to the exam period will have an impact on faculty and students. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter as we are working towards minimizing the overall impact and bringing the term to a successful conclusion. 

  • The April 18-April 24 schedule will remain as is to minimize the impact on students and faculty.
  • The April 11-17 initial schedule will be moved to April 25-May 2. This will include two days of larger “common exams” (multiple sections of the same course writing together).
  • Our priority is to minimize impact and timetabling conflict for students and faculty. The Scheduling office will continue to update the information as necessary, so please check the schedule periodically to see if there have been any further changes.

We are encouraging students who cannot attend the exam due to the exam date change to contact their instructor first. They can also follow up with Academic Advising at advising@uwinnipeg.ca regarding a deferred exam appeal.

Faculty who cannot hold an exam due to the exam date change are encouraged to discuss alternatives with their Department Chair. The Department Chair will follow up with Scheduling.

Faculty who wish to move their exam from the scheduled day and time can utilize the exam petition process. Reminder that 100% of the students need to agree to the change for it to be enacted.  There may also be space limitations that prevent the change.

Faculty who wish to provide an additional sitting of their exam, while maintaining the formally scheduled one, may also submit a room booking request. There may be space limitations that prevent the request.

For onsite courses:

  • Classes can resume as of March 26, 2024. If AV technology is required, please follow the instructions as outlined in the answers below.
  • Use an HDMI connection through the Smart Classroom or the podium system.
  • Follow the printed instructions available in individual classrooms.

For online courses:

  • We encourage faculty to find alternative ways to finish the term. If not possible, please contact your Department Chair or Dean.

Do students have access to the library?

Nearly all library services, including electronic library resources (databases, articles, ebooks, etc) are available on the TEMPWIFI network anywhere on campus.  Electronic resources are still not accessible from off campus. Instructors who need access to digital material can email reserve@uwinnipeg.ca and staff will provide information or your readings to you. Most PDFs can be shared via email with students registered in the course.  For more information, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact your subject librarian or visit the library website www.uwinnipeg.ca/library

Are printing services available?

Printing services on campus are now available. To re-enable printing from your UWinnipeg-managed laptop or desktop, you must restart your computer while on campus.

How will my students find out that their class is on Teams or Zoom?

All updates, including FAQs, will be available on our website. Please inform your students if you decide to shift your class to Teams or Zoom by email.

Will I be able to use PowerPoint or show images in the classroom?

Yes, you will have access by using an HDMI connection through the Smart Classroom or the podium system. Please bring your presentation on your laptop or USB stick. Printed instructions are available in individual classrooms.

Will labs be able to run?

Yes, if labs do not require an Internet connection or access to an online database or software, they will be able to run. Please default to an onsite instruction where possible.

However, labs that require access to the Internet or specialized software will not run from campus.

Will SPSS run from home?

If you have the SPSS software installed on your personal computer or UWinnipeg-managed computer, SPSS will run.

Will ACS labs be available?

ACS Labs will not be available at this time.

What do I do if I would like to show videos or have access to the Internet during instruction

You will be able to access the internet using a temporary Wi-Fi network called TEMPWIFI.

If I have AV technology-related questions, who do I contact?

Please contact Media Services at media@uwinnipeg.ca or 204.229.6712.

If I have questions regarding course delivery or other course-related questions, who do I contact?

Please contact your Departmental Chair and Faculty Dean.

If I need a course list of students, who do I contact?

You can contact nexus@uwinnipeg.ca with your course title and course code.

Please note that students are directed to the FAQs (available on the UW website and pushed through Safe App) to connect with their instructor.

If I do not have a laptop or desktop, what can I do?

Please contact the Technology Service Desk at servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca or 204.786.9149.

What do I need to know about Research support?

Use of data sets that are on the network are currently not accessible.

Further updates from the Research Office will be provided here as they become available.