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June 24, 2020:

A Student FAQ update to the The University of Winnipeg's Covid-19 page can be found HERE

Further information from the President is available on the UW News Centre page, found here.

Please check all the FAQ pages on the side banner, as they are sometimes updated more recently than the home page.

June 16, 2020:

Career Services at the University of Winnipeg in partnership with Red River College, University of Manitoba, Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, and the Asper Career Development centre are pleased to announce their virtual zoom event Coming Together: A virtual Career Q & A panel on Thursday, June 18, 2020 from 10:30-11:30 am.

This live event will have representatives from each of the institutions answering student questions about what they can be doing during this uncertain time. Topics will include resume development, career exploration, marketing to employers, and what the future may look like in certain industry sectors.

Students can register for the event at the following link:



  • Due to the University's goal that all Fall 2020 courses (including those that carry into the Winter term) be deliverable online, we are unable to offer THFM 3313-Advanced Picture Editing.  Please click here for information and adjustments to the Film II application process as a result.
  • Deadline for Film II applications has been extended to June 26, 2020, and only one sample of work is now required.  Please see our revised submission information and form.  All submissions this year will be online. 



The University has posted a Remote Learning FAQ which provides some guidance on Zoom classes, as well as contact for tech support.  Check it out here.

Academic Advising also has some great Tips for Taking Online Courses, and is a great resource for information about Appeals, Study Skills, and for First Year students.

Thursday, April 30


Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, University of Winnipeg students may choose how their grades will affect their grade point average (GPA) calculation for the Winter 2020 and Fall/Winter 2019-20 terms.

Have a look here for FAQs, contact information and forms regarding the options the University has made available.

Thursday, April 2

BOOKSTORE UPDATE:  Last week the bookstore closed to customers, with a staff person working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays to accept deliveries and ship out customer orders.  All spring books have been ordered and most have arrived.   Here are some updates:

Spring/Summer Term Books:

  • Spring term booklists are posted at and students can order online.  Orders will ship Tuesdays-Thursdays by Purolator for free.
  • If students are sponsored (they have an account at the store that an agency pays for) they can email Charmaine Trainer at with the items they need and their address and she will charge to the account in store and ship them out by Purolator (again free shipping).

Winter Rental Check-Ins Due April 21:

  • The April 21 rental due date still stands but a 15-day grace period has been activated on top of that so as long as rental check-ins are back by May 6th students will not be charged.
  • An email went out to all renters March 27th, instructing them to email with their name, address and phone number and the bookstore will have a Purolator shipping label sent to them.  Renters just need to package up the book(s), stick the label on the outside and drop it at any Purolator location which includes all Staples locations.
  • A Drop Box for rentals was placed at McFeetors residence for the housing students to fill out a slip, attach to their books, and drop in the box.
  • There are close to 4000 rental books out there to come back to the store, from approximately 2500 students (maybe more) so the hope is that Purolator can be used to get all or most of those books back.


Friday, March 27

Wow - what a week.

So there's not a lot of new information to report. All faculty and staff are now working from home, trying to make Zoom and Nexus work for us. Melinda, Christopher, Allison and Colin are still reachable if you need us - either by email or you can call our office phones, which have been forwarded to our home phones. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions...and we're sure you do.

We think we've got everything straightened out for our TAs and various other folks who have contracts with us and it looks like everyone will be getting paid! 

It can be really tough to find concentrated space and time at home to write assignments and tests and exams. We're aware of that and have extended deadlines and are providing at least 24 hours for nearly all our tests/exams.

One thing that really helps is if you check your email - so please do - and respond promptly to your instructors' messages.

Here's some general info, below, but the main thing kind to yourselves and to the people around you. Keep your physical distance for now and wash your hands every chance you get. Take care out there.

If you have outstanding library books, it looks like the library has extended its deadlines too:


The Library will be extending material loans until September 15, 2020 to align with the campus closure. This supersedes the previous May 1 extension.

Borrowers are encouraged to keep their materials, but books can still be returned to the book drop at the south entrance of Centennial Hall by checking in at the security booth.

Check the library service status page for updated information on library services and resources.

Questions should be directed to or 204.786.9808.

Remember too - these resources are still up and running...though generally from home:

  • Academic and Career Services for help with academic appeals (
  • Accessibility Services for accommodations and support for students with disabilities or medical conditions ( 
  • Student Counselling Services for students who need counselling or additional supports (
  • Aboriginal Student Services Centre for Indigenous students who are seeking support (
  • International, Immigrant and Refugee Student Services for international students or those who are new to Canada (


Monday, March 23

Message from Dr. Annette Trimbee

All campus buildings to close until further notice

Today we are taking additional measures to safeguard the health of the UWinnipeg community — and support public health efforts — during the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

At 5:00 pm this afternoon (Monday, March 23), all campus buildings will close until further notice. Access will be limited to those who are delivering essential services, such as security, physical plant, food services and residence staff. Other faculty and staff who need access to campus must be authorized by their department chair/Dean or supervisor and check in with Security Services when coming to campus.

For students:

  • All academic instruction and evaluation will continue through alternate delivery. There will be no in-person classes or exams before September.
  • The library facility is closed. Access to the library’s digital resources remains unaffected, and staff are working remotely to deliver most services online.
  • The voluntary withdrawal date has been changed to March 31, to give students additional time to voluntarily withdraw from Winter term courses.
  • Our Spring/Summer term will be entirely online. Check the UWinnipeg website for updates on registration.
  • Student Services — including academic advising, awards and financial aid, counselling, and others — are supporting students remotely. No in-person appointments are being accepted, though services listed here can be arranged.
  • Students in residence have been encouraged to leave if able to do so. Those with no alternatives will be accommodated.

For faculty and staff:

  • All employees should work from home unless required for essential campus operations. Faculty and staff should contact their department chair/Dean or supervisor to discuss campus access, if absolutely necessary. Security Services will grant access only to those who are authorized to be on site. Upon arrival, authorized personnel should phone security or check in at one of the security stations located at Centennial Hall, Buhler Centre, or Richardson College.
  • Deans and unit heads will work with their teams to facilitate the remote delivery of ongoing operations and/or reassign duties as needed.
  • Instructors should remain in contact with all of their students to support completion of Winter term courses.
  • Researchers should continue their work remotely if possible and suspend all activities that are not in keeping with social distancing and cannot ensure the health and safety of research personnel and participants. See here for additional information related to alteration of research activity. The Research Office is available to provide guidance.  
  • The Collegiate’s Dean, Dr. Kevin Clace, is communicating directly with his staff and students regarding operational changes.

We are taking these unprecedented actions with community well-being in mind. We understand that these measures will cause disruption. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate these challenges.  

Together, we will do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Stay healthy and remember to visit our website for regular updates to the UWinnipeg community.


Dr. Annette Trimbee,

President and Vice-Chancellor


  • Even though in-person meetings are suspended, your Student Services teams are still working hard to be accessible and available to you.  Click here for information on contacting your various Student Service groups remotely.


Friday March 20

  • If you haven't already, you will hear today from your Profs regarding the completion plan for your THFM courses.
  • We're on FACEBOOK! Nothing like a global pandemic to help us up our social media game. We'll use it for departmental updates - but will also share awesome film and theatre related content from around the world. You can like/join/whatever our page at
  • We'll be in touch with TAs and everyone else who has contracts with us starting next week regarding what happens next.


Thursday March 19

  • The VW date for all WINTER classes has been moved to MARCH 31.
  • Course Evalatuations (SET evals) for all WINTER and FALL/WINTER courses have been cancelled.
  • If you haven't already, you will hear by Friday from your Profs regarding how your THFM classes will proceed. You assume that all tests/papers/exams will happen, though possibly at a different time/date and with a different value.
  • Melinda, Allison, Colin and Christopher continue to be onsite and can be contacted by phone or email with questions. You can email your Profs if you have questions for them

Bookstore Hours

The campus store is still open for the time being Monday to Friday 9-3.  If we must close to customers, we do plan to work in the store in order to ship out orders to customers as well as receive any publisher shipments for spring courses.

Student Web Orders

We are offering free shipping on all online orders so that students can order their materials but avoid coming out to the store.  This will be for any winter term texts still needed for exam and final preps as well as for any spring term courses that will still be offered.  Our website is

Any students who are sponsored (an outside agency pays for their texts/materials) can email us with what they need and we can charge in-store and ship out to their address.  This will also be shipped for free. 

Spring Term Course Offerings

I know that many faculty are struggling to turn their courses into online/alternative formats for the spring term.  I would like to assure them that we can and will still order spring course books for courses that will be offered.  If each of you can send me a listing of which courses (Dept-course-section) will still be offered I can work with each of you to ensure books/materials are ordered and can arrive in time.  As books arrive we will ship out to students, again with free shipping.

At this time most publishers are still shipping product.  We will also adopt any ebooks that are available within our system as another format for students to choose form.

Fall/Winter & Winter Rental Books

Winter term rentals – at this time the April 21 due date still stands BUT the grace period has been extended 15 days past the due date to avoid the auto non-return charges to their credit cards. Our hope is that with the winter term courses moving to alternative formats this will give students enough time to still use their books if needed to finish their courses.  Students can check in their books in store or mail into the store.  We are working on a social distancing solution as there are close to 4000 rental books out there.  We may have a drop box located in or just outside the store with forms to fill out so that they can drop their books off and staff can collect them and check them in.  More information to come on that front as we also need to ensure any drop boxes are secure. 

Call to Action

  • At this time please let us know which courses will be offered in the Spring term and if any course materials are needed.  I may already have the adoption but let’s double up so we don’t miss anything and so we can catch any changes if any.
  • Please communicate to faculty that we can still order spring course materials and will be offering free shipping services
  • If your department has decided not to offer any courses for spring/summer please let me know so that I can cancel them in the system and call publishers to cancel any orders that I have already placed.

Wednesday March 18

  • For FILM students, we are continuing to look into the free Adobe CC student license that would give you free access to Premiere. We don't expect to hear back from Adobe till Friday at the earliest.
  • UPLINKS, the computer lab on the main campus, remains open.
  • You will be hearing from your instructors by Friday March 20 at the latest to confirm a plan for how your THFM courses will proceed. There may be considerable changes from the original course outline depending on the impact of being unable to run the course in-person.
  • It is now confirmed that THFM 3803-001 Properties for the Stage will NOT proceed this spring. This is very disappointing news for us all. We will look into the possibility of running it as a FALL course next year.
  • THFM 3002-001 SpSt Art Direction for Film will proceed as a Spring course and will be delivered ONLINE


Monday March 16

  • 5 pm March 16:  Upcoming Spring Term (May/June) courses will be offered via alternative delivery options. There will be no in-person classes.     This will affect the THFM classes 3803-001 Properties for the Stage, and 3002-001 SpSt Art Direction for Film and TV.  We're looking into options for these two courses.
  • Over the next few days (today is Monday, March 16), this page will be updated with course specific information.
  • In the meantime - this is a highly unusual set of circumstances we find ourselves in, and we are working quickly to ensure that you are able to successfully complete your courses. While it won't feel satisfying being unable to present final work, we will at least be able to ensure that you are evaluated fairly on work already completed, and we are considering what work might be manageable through online resources. Your instructors will be in touch soon with updates.
  • Please check here regularly for new information. And take care of yourselves.