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Many of us learn best by doing. That’s why The University of Winnipeg has teamed up with other schools in Manitoba to offer joint programs that blend academic and practical experience. Several of these programs include a co-operative option, which allows you the chance to “try on” a career though work experience, improve interpersonal and employment skills, and develop valuable contacts in your field. This combination of skills and experience provides you with the flexibility you need to succeed in an ever-changing job market.

Programs with Red River College

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Applied Biology

Applied Biology focuses on the study of molecular and cellular biology, and is designed to address the need for qualified biotechnologists in Manitoba. You’ll develop the necessary laboratory skills required for the job, and the theoretical background to expand investigation, troubleshoot, or take a leadership role in the laboratory. Choose from either a traditional program or a co-operative option, which includes three to four paid work terms, for a total of 12 months on-the-job work experience.

Applied Biology Factsheet [PDF]Biology Website

Applied Chemistry

Chemists are at the forefront of unravelling the mysteries of the most complex chemical systems. If you’re interested in understanding the structure of matter and how it behaves on a molecular level, you may be drawn to the field of chemistry. In Applied Chemistry, you can choose from either a traditional program or a co-operative option that integrates academic studies with 12 months of paid work experience in chemistry-related positions.

Applied Chemistry Factsheet [PDF] | Chemistry Website

Applied Environmental Science

This program is specifically designed to serve the needs of health and service industries in Manitoba. Courses in Applied Environmental Science cover such topics as waste management, soil-vegetation systems and environmental ethics. You can choose between a four-year and five-year program. In the five-year program, you’ll have the option of completing a co-operative work term consisting of a minimum of 16 weeks of full-time, paid work experience.

Applied Environmental Science Factsheet PDFEnvironmental Studies and Sciences Website

Applied Child Development & Child Care/ Early Childhood Education

This exciting yet challenging joint program allows you to obtain both a three-year Bachelor of Arts in Developmental Studies from The University of Winnipeg and a two-year Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Red River College, in only four years. The Joint Program in Developmental Studies includes courses from a number of different departments including Education, Business, Psychology, and Conflict Resolution Studies. You’ll develop essential skills in child development, language disorders, and clinical report writing.

Joint Program in Developmental Studies Factsheet [PDF] | Developmental Studies Website

Disability Studies

Disability Studies will challenge you to think about “disability” and “ability” in new ways. Using the social model rather than the bio-medical model, the problem becomes a lack of ramps rather than the fact that someone uses a wheelchair. The focus of this interdisciplinary program is the critical analysis of disability in society. Topics to be considered include human rights, social movements, normalcy, eugenics, genetic engineering, family, sexuality, gender, aging, employment, education, and international development.

Disability Studies Factsheet [PDF] | Disability Studies Website

Joint Business Administration

If you’re interested in business, this is a great opportunity to obtain both a University degree and a College diploma - in only four years. In the Joint Program in Business Administration, you can begin your studies at Red River College and receive 30 credit hours towards a Bachelor of Business Administration at The University of Winnipeg. Then you’ll need only 60 credit hours to complete your degree. Here, you’ll take courses in business and other areas to develop your skills in critical thinking, analysis, decision-making and communication – all essential skills to succeed in business.

Joint Business Administration Factsheet [PDF] | Faculty of Business and Economics Website

Joint Communications

The Joint Program in Communications combines the two-year Creative Communications Diploma from Red River College with credits from The University of Winnipeg for a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. You’ll take classes in journalism, advertising, public relations and broadcast production, and sharpen your skills with hands-on experience during work placements. Graduates of the program enjoy a high rate of employment and pursue exciting careers around the world.

Joint Program in Communications Factsheet [PDF] | Rhetoric and Communications Website


Note:  The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) joint program with Red River College has been discontinued. 


Program with CancerCare Manitoba

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Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy involves the use of radiation (in this case, high energy x-rays) to treat the cancer cells in the body. Radiation therapy educational programs require accreditation by the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Conjoint Committee on Accreditation. This enables graduates to access the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) National Certification Examinations. Such certification is recognized as the minimal practice standard by all provinces, and requires a combination of completion of an accredited course of study, as provided by this 4-year B.Sc. degree, and passing of the national certification examination. Graduates of this 4-year B.Sc. degree may also access the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists examinations for the U.S. This is a joint diploma/degree program with CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree (4year) from The University of Winnipeg.

Radiation Therapy Factsheet [PDF]| Website