Disability Studies

Image of DIS and WGS faculty

DIS and WGS faculty

The interdisciplinary Disability Studies program offers B.A. options at the three-year, four-year, and honours level. Disability Studies is cross-disability (all disabilities rather than one), intersectional (disability in conjunction with race, gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.), and based in the social model of disability rather than the bio-medical model. From this perspective a lack of ramps is considered disabling, not the fact that someone uses a wheelchair.

The focus of the Disability Studies program at the University of Winnipeg is the critical analysis of disability in society. This includes the study of disability as a social, cultural, historical, and political construction. Students are encouraged to examine a wide range of topics such as human rights, ethics, social movements, theory, family, sexuality, employment, socialization, aging, education, international development, and gender issues.