Welcome from the Dean

The Faculty of Business and Economics

Hugh Grant

On behalf of all our faculty and staff, I extend my warmest welcome to you as you begin this next exciting stage in your education.

Our Faculty provides business and economics training in a liberal arts context. That is, our programs are designed for you to take courses in arts and science departments that will enhance your understanding of business and economic matters. So we require you to take courses in subjects like psychology, philosophy and political science. We want you to leave here as a well-rounded and socially-minded graduate, aptly positioned to be among the next generation of community leaders, whether it be in a for-profit business, in the not-for-profit sector or working in government. 

Take your time to decide what you will major in. During your first year of classes, see what aspects of your Intro to Business or Intro Econ courses most interest you. It may be accounting, finance, or the study of co-operative enterprises. There is no rush and feel free to ask questions and discuss things with your instructors.

But the earlier you become involved in the many opportunities available on campus and in our Faculty, the richer your university experience will be. I encourage you to:

  • look into the various events that are organized by our student groups (BASA, UWASA, FESA or JDC West) and consider participating;
  • look into the Co-op Education Program to see if it suits you;
  • attend some of the many special lectures and presentations that occur during the course of the year, often provided over the lunch period (with pizza as an inducement);
  • and of course, find out where the library is.

Here are some of the exciting things taking place this year:

Unique Degree Options – FBE students are able to pursue a 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Co-operative Enterprises. Launched in 2017, ours is the only undergraduate degree in Canada specializing in the Management of Co-operatives and will appeal to students who have an interest in social justice and community development.

Our Economics and Finance (EFIN) program has been our fastest growing area of study and prepares students for a career in the banking and finance industry.

Access to Industry –The Faculty of Business & Economics provides students access to a variety of industry-centered networking and social events throughout the year. For example, the FBE has student tickets available for the monthly Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce luncheons. These events are well-attended by the local business community and feature high-profile speakers on a variety of relevant topics.

There's a great year ahead at the Faculty, and I'm very pleased that you have chosen to join our community.  We look forward to meeting you at the First-Year Orientation online event in September, 2020.

Dr. Hugh Grant