Pathway to the CAFM Pilot Program

Faculty of Business and Economics

The University of Winnipeg, in partnership with AFOA Canada, are pleased to offer the Pathway to the CAFM Pilot Program.

The Pathway to CAFM Program:

The Program will bring together learners from industry and from across Manitoba’s post-secondary institutions to complete two courses towards their Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) designation. We welcome participation from learners outside of Manitoba, permitting there is space available.

The program will be delivered in a cohort model, with the courses being offered in the Spring and Fall of 2021. Students will have access to mentorship, tutoring and other supports as they work through the courses together. Participants will also have the opportunity to complete an optional, paid summer work placement (July-August) with an Indigenous organization.

Students accepted to the program may earn university credit for the two courses* and will receive a scholarship to cover the cost of tuition.

*students would be required to apply for transfer credit from their home institution.

About the Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) Designation:

Administered by AFOA Canada, the CAFM is the only designation specifically established for Indigenous finance and management positions in Canada. Holders of the CAFM designation have a solid base of accounting and finance education further enhanced through the inclusion of Indigenous-specific courses covering critical cultural knowledge such as history, business strategy, human resources and ethics.

CAFMs have the financial and management skills, and the cultural knowledge to serve as financial managers and stewards in their communities and organizations.

Expertise in accounting and finance is essential for self-management of Indigenous communities and organizations. The Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager (CAFM) designation is designed to help Indigenous communities meet the growing need for financial leadership tailored to their culture. CAFMs are key decision makers and leaders in their organizations and often form the backbone of Indigenous government administration.

The CAFM Pathway:

The current path to a CAFM designation involves the completion of:

(a) 10 courses typically taught in post-secondary institutions;
(b) 4 courses offered by AFOA Canada specific to Indigenous issues; and
(c) the CAFM professional examination and two years of practical experience

The Pathway to the CAFM pilot program will see students complete two of the four courses that constitute part (b) above. Course equivalents to the 10 courses under part (a) are offered at The University of Winnipeg and other post-secondary institutions in Manitoba. Please view the course equivalency chart here for more information. These 10 courses are also part of an existing articulation agreement with CPA and so by pursuing the CAFM designation, students also position themselves well to continue their studies in pursuit of a CPA designation as well.


To be eligible for the pilot program you must be either:

(a) A student* enrolled at The University of Winnipeg, The University of Manitoba, Red River College, University College of the North, Assiniboine Community College or Brandon University; OR

(b) Currently employed with an Indigenous organization with demonstrated need to build its financial management capacity

You must also be committed to completing both courses offered through this pilot program:

  • “Indigenous Strategies and Decisions” - Spring 2021 (May-June)
  • “Indigenous Human and Fiscal Issues” - Fall 2021 (September-December)
*Preference will be given to self-declared Indigenous students and to those studying accounting and/or finance.

How to Apply:

Please direct all inquiries and expressions of interest in the Program to Rachel Hammerback at

For Current Students:
  • When sending your expression of interest, please include a brief statement (no more than 250 words) that outlines your academic background and how participation the Pathway to the CAFM Pilot Program would complement your academic and career goals.
For Learners working in Industry:
  • When sending your expression of interest, please include a brief statement (no more than 250 words) that outlines your academic and/or professional background and that details why you are interested in participating in the Pathway to the CAFM Pilot Program.

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