CPA Campus Recruitment - Job Postings

Faculty of Business and Economics

The deadline to apply is October 1, 2018.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact Christy Campbell at 204.786.9990 or

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Full Time Positions

Air Canada Full Time

BDO Canada Full Time

Booke & Partners Full Time Jan 2019

Craig & Ross Full Time

Deloitte Full Time Jan 2019

Deloitte Full Time May 2019

EY Full Time

Gislason Targownik Peters Full Time

Grant Thornton LLP Full Time

IG Wealth Mngt Full Time

KPMG LLP Full Time

Krahn Friesen Neufeld Full Time

Magnus LLP Full Time 2019

Magnus LLP Sept 2019

MNP Full Time

Office of the Auditor General MB Full Time

ONBusiness Full Time

PwC Full Time Jan 2019

PwC Full Time Sept 2019

Richardson International Full Time

Scarrow & Donald LLP Full Time

Summer Internship

Booke & Partners

Craig & Ross



Grant Thornton LLP

Great-West Life

IG Wealth Mngt Intern or Co-op



Office of the Auditor General MB



Richardson International (New Posting)

Scarrow & Donald LLP

Co-op Positions

Please note: An application to the Co-op Program also needs to be submitted to the Co-op Office by       Oct 1 - Co-op Application

BDO Canada Co-op Summer

BDO Canada Co-op Winter

Booke & Partners Co-op Winter

Collins Barrow Co-op Summer

Craig & Ross Co-op Winter

Deloitte Co-op Summer

Deloitte Co-op Winter

EY Co-op Summer

EY Co-op Winter

Grant Thornton LLP Co-op Summer

Great-West Life Co-op

IG Wealth Mngt Co-op or Summer Intern

KPMG LLP Co-op Summer

Magnus LLP Co-op Summer

Magnus LLP Co-op Winter

MNP Co-op Summer

ONBusiness Co-op Summer

ONBusiness Co-op Winter

PwC Co-op Fall 2019

PwC Co-op Winter

Richardson International Co-op Summer

Scarrow & Donald LLP Co-op Summer

scarrow & Donald LLP Co-op Winter