BA Honours


Considering the Honours Program in English

The Honours program is offered for students who especially enjoy the serious study of literature and culture and who wish to develop both breadth and depth in their English degrees. Honours courses are designed to allow for more intensive student participation in the study of a wide range of subjects, including critical theory, women's writing, cultural studies, national literatures, historical periods, and individual authors and topics. While students have some flexibility in choosing their paths through the Honours program, the requirements ensure that all students graduate with an overall sense of the field of literary and textual studies.

The Honours program is delivered mainly through small seminars and provides solid advantages to students planning to pursue a graduate degree in English or a related discipline, such as Cultural Studies, Journalism, Communications and Media Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, and Library and Information Management. We regularly support Honours students through the application process for MA degrees, professional programs, and external scholarships. We have had many successful placements in graduate programs nationally and internationally. Honours courses are also open to any qualified students who want a more personal and interactive education, or who wish to pursue a topic of particular interest.

Honours students must submit a Declaration of Honours form every year when they register with an English Department faculty advisor or the Honours Chair.

See the Course Calendar for a list of the Honours Program requirements.

Sample Program
This is only an example of one possible path through the program. Paths will differ, depending on students' interests, the number of courses they take each year, and the Department's rotation of courses. Consult our current courses for available offerings. Students must also consult an advisor before each registration to ensure they are meeting all degree requirements. 

Year 1:

  • ENGL-1001(6) or
    ENGL-1000(3) and 3 other credit hours of 1000-level English
    with minimum GPA 3.0
  • 6 hours in a second language
  • 6 hours in Humanities courses outside of English
  • 6 hours in Science
  • 6 hours in Academic Writing
  • 3 hours in electives

Year 2:

  • ENGL-2142(6) Field of Literary and Textual Studies
  • 6 hours in 4000-level courses
  • 12 hours in 2000- or 3000-level courses
  • 3 hours in cognates
  • 3 hours Indigenous Course Requirement

Year 3:

  • ENGL-3151 (6) Critical Theory: An Introduction or ENGL-4110(6) Critical Theory
  • Either ENGL-3119(3), ENGL-3709(3), ENGL-3710(6), ENGL-3715(6), ENGL-3716(6), 3717(3/); ENGL-3719(3) or ENGL-4710(6); ENGL-3723(3/6); 4717(3/6)  (to satisfy Canadian/Indigenous  Literature requirement)
  • 6 hours in 4000-level courses
  • 6 hours in cognates

Year 4:

  • 6 hours from List A
  • 6 hours from List B
  • 18 hours in 4000-level courses