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4 Year BA in Screen and Cultural Studies

As of May 2016, students will be able to register in this Specialization and it will be noted on their transcripts.

The Screen and Cultural Studies Specialization focuses not only on literary texts, but also on cinematic, media, and cultural texts. Courses in this area reflect an interest in literary and cultural history; literary and cinematic forms, movements, and genres; cultural and critical theory; audience and reception studies; and the intersections between literature, film and other forms of cultural production.

Students interested in registering in this specialization should consult a faculty advisor prior to Registration. The faculty advisor is Dr. Andrew Burke (a.burke@uwinnipeg.ca).

All students are welcome to take courses in this area, whether they choose the specialization or not.

(see below for a list of 2016-17 courses)

Required Courses

Students are required to fulfil all current requirements for a 4-Year BA in English, as listed in the Calendar: http://www.uwinnipeg.ca/academics/calendar/docs/engl.pdf

In addition, students pursuing a specialization in Screen and Cultural Studies must complete the following:

Core Course:

ENGL-2146 (6) Screen Studies OR ENGL-2145(6) Field of Cultural Studies

12 credit hours of study in additional courses in Screen and Cultural Studies, chosen from the following list:

ENGL-2145(6) Field of Cultural Studies (if not already counted as the core course)
ENGL-2146 (6) Screen Studies (if not already counted as the core course)
ENGL-2180 (6) Popular Literature and Film
ENGL-3169(3) Films for Young People
ENGL-3190(6) Literature and Film
ENGL-3725(3/6) Topics in Cultural Studies
ENGL- 4741(3/6) Screen Studies
ENGL-4742(3/6) Cultural Studies

A minimum of 18 additional credit hours in English courses other than courses in Screen and Cultural Studies.

Additional recommended courses:   
ENGL-3151(6) Critical Theory: An Introduction OR ENGL-4110(6) Critical Theory
THFM-2610(3) Script and Screen*
THFM-2612(3) Script and the Small Screen*

*Note that a maximum of 9 credit hours in Theatre and Film can count toward the minimum 48 credit hours in the Major subject.  Also note that Theatre and Film courses have their own prerequisites and regulations.


2021-22 COURSES

The following courses form part of the 4-Year BA Specialization in Screen and Cultural Studies.

Students should select courses from the following list in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Note: Non-Honours students need the instructor’s permission to register in 4000-level courses.


Core and Specialization Courses Offered in 2021-22

Fall 2021


Fall 2021/Winter 2022

ENGL-2145-001 | Field of Cultural Studies | B. Cornellier | TTH 1130 – 1245
Course Delivery: IN PERSON  

ENGL-2180-001 | Popular Literature and Film | M. Leeder | F 1430 – 1715
Course Delivery: IN PERSON

Winter 2022

ENGL-3169-050 | Films for Young People | M. Leeder | M 1800 – 2100
Course Delivery: LIVE ONLINE


Recommended Courses for this Specialization Offered in 2021-22

ENGL-4110-001| Critical Theory | H. Snell | TH 1430 - 1715
Course Delivery: LIVE ONLINE