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Research Talk Series: 2023-2024

Full CRiCS room in discussionThe CRiCS Research Talk Series is a series of lectures led by members of the Cultural Studies Research Group, intended for members of the centre (researchers, students in the Cultural Studies MA program, research assistants) to learn more about the different contexts and thematics that Cultural Studies research touches on. The session for the 2023-2024 academic year includes:

December 1, 2023

-Dr. Julie Pelletier, "Gambling Research Funding in Manitoba: a Critical Analysis" 

"An area of interest in the field of critical gambling research is funding sources. For several years, funding for gambling research was available through Manitoba Lotteries. I examine the types and distribution of gambling research projects funded by the Manitoba Gambling Research Program, describing biases inherent in the funding decisions."

-Dr. Amelia Curran, "Gang Territories as Affective Embodied Mobility"

"In this talk I discuss how gang spaces come to be; how they materialize in daily ways through the bodies and mobilities of residents."

March 8, 2024

-Dr. Aarzoo Singh, "Object Stories: Colonial Histories, Affective Archives, and Postcolonial Feminist Epistemologies"

"In this presentation I will unpack my investment in emotive currencies and affects as they inform the ways in which postcolonial South Asian diasporic subjects may understand their experiences of displacement through sites of knowledge that cannot be found in official records, histories, and archives. I do this through the examination of affective objects--sites, things, heirlooms, etc. that, because they are intimately linked to familial and community histories, are laden with emotions or feelings. I locate epistemic significance in the agentic capacities of affective objects to produce new and creative relations in the world."

-Dr. Leah Kuragano, "Affective Correction: Hawaii Five-O and the Policing of Indigenous Rage"

"My analysis of a 1970 episode of the hit police procedural drama Hawaii Five-O suggests that contemporary Kanaka Maoli (Indigenous Hawaiian) anger and protest over land dispossession was “corrected” (reframed and criminalized) in service of the U.S. settler colonial project."

Aarzoo Singh and Leah Kuragano smiling in the CRiCS centre