Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory

CRiCS: Centre for Research in Cultural Studies

Angela FaillerCRiCS is the initiative of Dr. Angela Failler, UWinnipeg’s new Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory. Failler is Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, and teaches for the MA Program in Cultural Studies. She also currently leads the Cultural Studies Research Group. Her research program is focused on how practices of culture and public memory are used to grapple with the “difficult knowledge” of historical traumas and their after-effects. She is specifically interested in the potential for these practices to contribute to reconciliation, redress, and decolonized forms of relating. Her projects pay special attention to memorials, museums, commemorative artworks, community-based practices of remembrance, and government sponsored memory projects. She employs interdisciplinary, collaborative methodologies that combine the expertise of scholars, educators, artists, curators, and other cultural practitioners.

In 2017 Failler secured a John R. Evans Leader’s Fund grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to create a research centre on campus at the University of Winnipeg. Additional funding provided through her CRC will help launch the centre’s initial programs. Failler will serve as the inaugural Director of CRiCS for the duration of her initial CRC term (2016-2021). In turn, CRiCS will house and support her projects and programs.