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Research Talks: Dr. Jenny Heijun Wills and Michael Dudley

Image of Jenny Heijun Wills and Michael Dudley presenting their research talks.

On January 21, 2019, the Centre for Research in Cultural Studies (CRiCS) held the first session of its Research Talks series. The series features members of the Cultural Studies Research Group (CSRG), and offers an opportunity for students and members of CRiCS to hear more about faculty research in progress.
This first session included presentations by Dr. Jenny Heijun Wills (English Department) and Michael Dudley (UW Library.) Wills' “Radical Kinship, Autocriticism, and Creative Non-Fiction” reflected on the writing and editing process involved in her forthcoming memoir.  Dudley's “Becoming an Oxfordian: The Phenomenology of the Paradigm Shift in Shakespearean Biography" explored the question of authorship with regards to Shakespearean texts. 

(Image - Dr. Jenny Heijun Wills, left, and Michael Dudley during their talks. Photo credit: Lauren Bosc)