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Freedom of Information Requests in Cultural Studies Research

Dr. Kevin Walby leading the third professional development workshop.

On March 1, 2019, the Centre for Research in Cultural Studies (CRiCS) held its third session in the Professional Development Series on "Freedom of Information Requests in Cultural Studies Research." Led by Dr. Kevin Walby (Department of Criminal Justice), this session offered an opportunity for members of CRiCS to consider how a Freedom of Information (FOI) request can be used for different research purposes.

Some examples included using FOI requests to: examine cultural heritage and memorialization agencies; to explore state surveillance of cultural studies scholars or activists; to conduct social and cultural history lineages; and to do a cultural studies analysis of the FOI disclosure process itself, among other examples. Dr. Walby also answered questions from CRiCS members about other Access to Information (ATI) issues in research.

(Image - Dr. Kevin Walby offers his professional development workshop. Photo credit: Lauren Bosc)