Doing Cultural Studies in Public: Op-Eds and Knowledge Translation

Fri. Oct. 25 12:30 PM - Fri. Oct. 25 01:20 PM
Location: 1RC028

**Note room change**

Dr. Shannon Sampert has recently retired from the University of Winnipeg and is now working as a consultant with organizations in a bid to synergize research with public policy. Her work at at the University and her time at the Winnipeg Free Press taught her the importance of moving outside academe and getting research into the public realm. But how can you do that? Dr. Sampert has a number of innovative ideas on how you can make your research “live” and in the process, open up new doors for public collaboration, dissemination and potential funding.

The CRiCS Professional Development Series is a series of workshops intended for members of the centre (researchers, students in the Cultural Studies MA program, research assistants) to gain new skills in a variety of different professional areas related to Cultural Studies and Cultural Studies research.