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Transfer Credit

As an adult learner you may have completed some post-secondary education since leaving secondary school.  UWinnipeg has lots of options to help you get credit for your previous post-secondary experience.

If you have a degree from another university.

If you have graduated with a UWinnipeg PACE Diploma or Certificate.

If you have graduated with a Certificate or Diploma (GPA C+/B or higher) from a College or a University Continuing Education Department.

    • UWinnipeg has some articulated transfer credit agreements and joint programs with colleges. Review the UWinnipeg Academic Calendar for more information or contact the appropriate Academic Department.
    • You can apply as a Transfer student.

If you have completed some courses from another university.


If you have graduated from a post-secondary institution more than 10 years ago and you have been actively engaged in the field of your study, upkeeping your knowledge (include an updated resume when you apply for admission, highlighting how you’ve kept up-to-date on what you learned from your outdated credential).

If you have acquired non-traditional post-secondary education, such as, designations, certifications.

Important things to know when you apply:

    • Even if you think your prior post-secondary education is too old, or not worthy of potential transfer credit, it is mandatory to submit your official post-secondary transcripts from a previously attended college or university (or other institutions) for three reasons
      1. you may be surprised and receive transfer credit for the hard work you've done at another post-secondary institution, and
      2. to prove you are in good standing academically, and
      3. to prove you are in good standing financially.

Go to admission application and deadlines for more details.

As a UWinnipeg student, can I take a course at another university?

If you are wanting to register for a course at another university you must complete a Letter of Permission first to ensure you will receive transfer credit at the UWinnipeg. Go to LOP for detailed instructions.