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Getting Started

The University of Winnipeg has many different categories of Admission and your academic background will determine which category is right for you.

For adult learners, the two most common types of admission are Regular Status Admission and Mature Status Admission.

Regular Status Admission

Regular status means that you have completed regular high school requirements (even if high school was a few years ago!) or by obtaining a Mature Student High School Diploma in either Manitoba or from another province. You have the qualifications for admission as a regular student based on your grade 12 courses, grades and proof of graduation.

Those applicants who wish to transfer from a college or another university are also considered under this type of admission.  For more information, please go to Transfer and for FAQ's see Transfer Credit Guide [PDF]

Mature Status Admission

Mature status means that you are at least 21 years of age and you do not meet the regular status admission requirements. You are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you meet at least one of seven Who is Eligible?  criteria. Please note that you are not a mature status student even if you are over 21 if you meet regular status admission requirements.

Mature Access Admission

Can I still apply to university if I don't meet either regular or mature status admission? Yes, if you have acquired informal and formal learning experiences that have prepared you for university study.  Admission is based on your prior learning. 

For the how to and more detailed information, please go to Mature Access

Check out the Adult Learners: A welcome part of the UWinnipeg Community - Adult Learner Brochure [PDF]. As well, more detailed admissions information can be found at How to Apply

How to Apply

For early notification of admission and the best possible selection of courses apply by:

WINTER JANUARY October 1; November 1
SPRING MAY February 1 March 1


*BEST BY DATES are especially important if you have transfer credits to be evaluated and are planning on attending university on a full-time basis (3 or more courses per term).

Important things to know:

  • Once you have completed an online application, and have submitted all documents and application fee you will receive an acknowledgement letter.
  • Even if you think your prior post-secondary education is too old, or not worthy of potential transfer credit, it is mandatory to submit your official post-secondary transcripts from a previously attended college or university (or other institutions) for three reasons
    1. you may be surprised and receive transfer credit for the hard work you've done at another post-secondary institution, and
    2. to prove you are in good standing academically, and
    3. to prove you are in good standing financially.

For more detailed admission information go  here.

What if you have been admitted to the University of Winnipeg before?  Has it been over 12 months ago?

You will need to download an Application for Continuance form [PDF]. Return your completed, dated and signed Application for Continuance to Student Central and include, if applicable:

  • proof of name change if you have had a change of name since you last attended the University of Winnipeg
  • original official academic transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended since last attending the University of Winnipeg
  • Application for Continuance fee

How to submit a completed Application for Continuance:

  • by mail: The University of Winnipeg, Admissions Department, 515 Portage Avenue, Wpg., MB, R3B 2E9
    • must include Visa/MasterCard information on application form or include cheque/money order
  • by fax: 204.779.3443 - must include Visa/MasterCard information on application form
  • in-person at Student Central - all types of payment are accepted

Go to Student Central for office hours and more information:
489 Portage Avenue (just east of the main campus)