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Accessibility Services (AS) and Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (DHoHS)

Accessibility Services (AS) has implemented some changes to our procedures that will increase accessibility and benefit you.

In May 2018, AS implemented some changes to our procedures that will increase accessibility and benefit students and instructors: we introduced a website that offers online access for several AS supports and services, including LETTERS OF INTRODUCTION, and TEST/EXAM BOOKINGS. Students registered with AS and their instructors can access the portal links from our department's website and use their WebAdvisor account’s username and password to log in. This is a secure platform that has been tested with TSC, reviewed by the Privacy office, and is currently used by a number of colleges and universities across North America.

Student web portal workflow overview: 1. Navigate to web portal, 2. Select “Self Registration” (for new letters), “Schedule a test or  exam…”, or “Accommodation Letters” (for past letters), 3. Log in using your WebAdvisor username & password, 4. Select term or other menu option, 5. View, enter or update detail, 6. Repeat or log off


Your first step will be to log into the online services portal and generate a Letter of Introduction for your instructor(s). You will be able to choose from your pre-approved academic accommodations to select the specific ones that will be needed in each course. 

Your Accessibility Advisor will review your request, and let you know once it has been approved. Please make sure AS has your current e-mail address. If you are:

An Undergraduate/Graduate student:
AS will send your instructor a link to their web portal to log in and view your letter.

A PACE student:
AS will notify you when you can log in again to download a PDF copy of the letter to e-mail directly to your PACE instructor (and cc: a designated PACE advisor).


Step-by-step tutorial on online Accommodation Letter requests for University of Winnipeg students registered with Accessibility Services


When you use the online services portal to schedule your tests/exams, the information is automatically entered into our system resulting in less room for error and no more wondering if we received each booking request. You will be able to view and print all of your bookings online, which means that you don’t have to call or come into the office for the information. The option of paper forms will be available under exceptional circumstances, but we strongly encourage using the online portal to ensure an easier booking experience for you.


Step-by-step tutorial on online Test/Exam booking requests for University of Winnipeg students registered with Accessibility Services

These are major changes, so we understand that there may be some questions or concerns. If you require any assistance, please contact your Accessibility Advisor as soon as possible to ensure a quality, positive experience through this transition.