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Next Steps

Before the academic year or semester begins:

  1. Ensure you have provided AS and/or DHHS with the Medical Documentation Request form once filled out by your health practitioner. If you need a new form, please contact us at 204.786.9771 or accessibility@uwinnipeg.ca.
  2. Check out your course timetable.
  3. Contact AS if you require a copy of your textbooks in alternate format at the beginning of each new semester.
  4. Apply for the MB Student Aid – Canada Student Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities.
  5. Log into the AS Student Portal to request a Letter of Accommodation for your instructors.

Once lectures begin:

  1. Using the AS Student Portal, request a volunteer note-taker if this is one of your approved accommodation needs. Do this by making sure the box for a volunteer note-taker is selected on the checklist of accommodations when requesting Letters of Accommodation.
  2. Using the AS Student Portal, book your tests and exams by the necessary deadlines (2 weeks in advance for tests & midterms, and 4 weeks in advance for final exams). See a tutorial on booking test/exams.
  3. Discuss your classroom accommodations (i.e. periodic absences, extension, classroom presentations, etc.) with your instructors in person or by email.
  4. Follow up with your Accessibility Advisor regularly if you have any questions or concerns.

Essential tips for requesting accommodations from instructors.