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Student Portal FAQs

Welcome to the Student Portal Frequently Asked Questions! Find more information about the Student Portal below.

I am unable to preview the PDF of an Accommodation Letter while using a MAC computer or mobile device. What do I do?

We recommend that MAC users use Firefox to access the web portal rather than Safari web browser.

Those using a mobile device (e.g. tablet, smartphone) to access the web portal should first download the PDF letter and then open it in a PDF viewer rather than trying to preview it on their mobile browser window.

I am an AS student taking a Brandon University course that takes place on the University of Winnipeg campus. Can I use the web portal to request accommodations for this course?

No. At this time, AS web portal use is available only to University of Winnipeg and PACE students who have WebAdvisor accounts (ie. their courses are managed by the University’s Student Information System). Accommodation requests from students in other programs will continue to be responded to and processed manually by direct (phone/e-mail/in-person) contact with our office.

What should I do if I can’t select the exact duration for my test/exam using the Time Picker popup tool

You may click on the blank Test Start Time and Test End Time text field boxes to manually type in the exact start and finish times.

Is the AS Student Portal the best way to book my tests/exams?

Yes, using the AS Student Portal is the most effective way to ensure that AS is able to book your test/exams efficiently and accurately. Once you have entered a booking, you will be able to log in to the portal at any time to confirm or review your bookings and make any necessary changes.

Are there deadlines for booking tests/exams on the AS Student Portal?

Yes. Deadlines for booking tests and exams on the AS Portal are:

  • Mid-term tests: two weeks before test date
  • Final exams: four weeks before exam date
Will I receive a notification from Accessibility Services of my upcoming test/exam?

Students will receive an automated reminder of their test/exam booking 3 days in advance. Students can also review their test/exam bookings anytime using the portal. The information can be found under "My Upcoming Events."