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Instructor Responsibilities

The University of Winnipeg is committed to providing access for students with disabilities, mental health concerns, medical conditions, and temporary injuries while maintaining academic standards. Providing accommodations is a collaborative process between students, instructors and Accessibility Services (AS).

At the beginning of each semester, AS students must log into the AS Student Portal to request a Letter of Accommodation for instructors which outlines the types of accommodations the student may require for the course. Instructors are responsible for following up with the student regarding classroom accommodations (i.e. periodic absences, extensions on assignments). Instructors can also contact AS to discuss any questions or concerns about specific accommodation needs with regards to course requirements.

Who Do I Contact If I Think A Student May Have A Disability?

It is quite appropriate for instructors to refer students to AS. However, it is important that any discussion with a student is conducted in a completely private and confidential venue. There may be several explanations for their academic performance, and frequently this subject is a sensitive one so it must be handled with care and discretion. At the same time, it is important to refer students to campus resources of which they may not otherwise be aware.

Procedures for Students Writing Tests & Midterms/Exams with Accessibility Services

Students with test/exam accommodations are required to book their term tests two weeks in advance and one month in advance for final exams, using the Student Portal. You will receive an automated notification from AS seven (7) days and two (2) days in advance of the test/exam booking. You can then log into the Faculty Portal to:

  • Confirm the date, start time and duration of the test/exam;
  • Upload a copy of the test/exam and any supplementary material (ie. Tables, formula sheets);
  • Provide any particular instructions for the test/exam (ie. closed book, calculators allowed, student must return all materials).

To access the Faculty Portal, you must use your WebAdvisor username and password. If you do not know this information or need to reset your password, please contact the Technology Service Desk for assistance.

If necessary, test/exam copies can also be dropped off in person (room 1M35) or by using the secure drop box located beside the main door of AS (Manitoba Hall entrance).

Due to the nature of their disability, some students require a copy of the test/exam in alternate format (electronic, large print, printed on coloured paper, etc.), in which case you may be asked to provide a copy in MS Word format for conversion.

Final exams - If you provide your exam to the Exam Assistant in Student Records for printing, you DO NOT have to provide a copy to AS unless your student requires an electronic copy of the exam. Copies of the exam will be provided to AS directly by the Exam Assistant.

Instructors of students in evening sections (ie. Sections 050+)

Please contact AS in advance at accessibility@uwinnipeg.ca to confirm the standard the test/exam and if the student must return to class by a certain time for the remainder of the lecture. This is required to schedule a student’s extended time accommodation accordingly.

For lab exams that require access to specific lab material, the instructor/department is responsible for providing AS students with extended time and a quiet space to write as per their accommodation needs.

Test/Exam Pickup

Once complete, your student's test response package is automatically filed for pickup from the AS front desk (room 1M35) between 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you may arrange for either your department assistant or TA to pick up the package on your behalf - if so, please e-mail us in advance with the full name of these individuals so that we may ensure the release of the exam to the proper person. For security reasons, tests/exams will not be sent through interdepartmental mail.

When you log into the portal to submit a copy of the test/exam and add the particulars, you can also request for the test package to be delivered to your Department Assistant. Delivery can take up to two days during busy exam periods.

Test packages can also be scanned and emailed or sent by courier to an off-campus workplace upon request (e.g. if you are sessional staff or have an off-campus office).

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Accessibility Services at (204) 786-9771 or accessibility@uwinnipeg.ca.

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