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Accessibility Services (AS) and Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services (DHoHS)

Instructor Responsibilities:

The University of Winnipeg is committed to providing access for students with disability/medical conditions while maintaining academic standards. This goal can be complex given the range of possible instructional/exam formats and is best accomplished through collaborations between you, the student and Accessibility Services. Each partner in the collaboration brings an important perspective: the student has a unique, personal knowledge of his/her health; the faculty member has content knowledge and an understanding of the required outcomes; AS has a broad-based knowledge of disabilities and their impact on academic performance.

You can help The University of Winnipeg as an inclusive learning environment by incorporating these examples of Universal Design of Learning:

  • Consider how accessible your course material is to students with print-related disabilities. Example: During class lectures, read aloud printed information or provide advance handouts in an accessible electronic text format (e.g. MS Word) for students.

  • When a student discloses to you their need for academic accommodations, please begin to work together on this as early in the term as possible. Example: Arrange a meeting with the student to discuss how the accommodations will be put into practice.

  • Consider how you plan your tests and exams to enable participation of students with a wide variety of medical conditions. Examples: Consider giving all students additional time for tests/exams in the classroom. Create tests/exams in an accessible electronic format (like Rich Text or MS Word) that can be formatted for students with print-related disabilities. Create multiple versions of the same test/exam in the event that there are students who need to defer a test/exam. 

    Where these are not possible (as in the case of accommodations that surpass your resources) contact AS for further information and assistance.

  • Be aware that there is a wide variety of disabilities and medical conditions. If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to contact AS.

Students with complex needs are strongly encouraged by AS to contact their instructors well in advance of their course start date. 

Effective May 2018, AS requires students to request a Letter of Accommodation/Accommodation Letter for their professor/instructor (formerly called the "Letter of Introduction to Faculty"), which specifies any approved academic accommodations that may require instructor assistance. In the event that you do not receive an Accommodation Letter, feel free to contact AS directly should you have any questions.

Who Do I Contact If I Think A Student May Have A Disability?

Contact AS. Instructors frequently refer students to AS. It is quite appropriate to do so. However, it is important that any discussion with a student is conducted in a completely private and confidential venue. There may be several explanations for their academic performance, and frequently this subject is a sensitive one so it must be handled with care and discretion. At the same time, it is important to refer students to University resources of which they may not otherwise be aware.

Test / Exam Accommodations

Instructors, with the agreement of the student, should feel free to make their own arrangements for test/exam accommodations, particularly in the case of lab tests/exams or other tests that may require a format not conducive to the student writing with our office (ie. group work or hands-on/practical/station-to-station exams). In these cases, AS is available to offer support and/or recommendations. However, our services remain available if you or the student would feel more comfortable using AS or an alternate format of testing may be arranged.

Procedures Regarding Arrangements for Students Writing Tests/Exams with Accessibility Services

Student Responsibilities:

The student should inform you of their AS registration and any academic accommodations that require your assistance, preferably within the first two weeks of lectures/labs, but as far in advance as possible.

If the student intends to write tests/exams through Accessibility Services, the student should ideally inform AS of these dates at least two weeks prior to the date (one month in advance for December/April exams). Changes to these bookings, if any, may only be made up to one week in advance of the term test date (one month in advance for December/April exams, where possible). 

The student should remind you in advance of their test/exam that they will be writing through AS.

Faculty/Instructor Responsibilities:

Starting May 2018, faculty/instructors of University of Winnipeg Undergraduate, Graduate, and PACE courses should please refer to our Faculty Web Portal Information page as some of our procedures have changed.

Test/Exam Provision

Please use our Faculty Web Portal to submit a PC-compatible (e.g. MS Word), single document file of your test/exam questions sheet. If your test/exam is comprised of multiple document files (or if you are the instructor of a Brandon University or other external course), the additional test documents (e.g. table, case studies, formula sheets) may be e-mailed to for secure storage at least 2 days prior to the student writing where possible. If your student requires a Large Print test, please try to provide an e-text file (e.g. Rich Text or MS Word) copy a few days earlier to give AS extra time to enlarge and re-format it.

In the case of final exams, if you provide your exam to Debbie Machula (Exam Assistant) in Student Records for photocopying, you DO NOT also have to provide a copy to AS unless AS or your student requires an electronic text copy of the exam.

Test/Exam Instructions/Particulars Information

Instructors of students in evening sections (ie. Sections 050+) are asked to inform AS at in advance, if possible, of the standard duration of the test/exam and if their student must return to class by a certain time for the remainder of the class. This helps us to schedule staff and space accurately.

In addition to the test/exam, please provide particulars such as the test's standard duration/materials allowed (ie. Calculator/textbook use) as they apply for each test/exam. Our Faculty Web Portal provides a place to specify any instructions not already stated on the test itself. This helps the invigilator anticipate any questions the student might have. If no other information is provided by the instructor, we will administer the test by default as the standard "closed book, no aids allowed, student must return all materials". 

Test/Exam Pickup

Once complete, your student's test response package are automatically filed for pickup (between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:30PM, Monday through Friday) from the AS front desk receptionist in 1M35 who keeps a locked test filing cabinet. If no front desk staff is available, you may contact us at to arrange for delivery of the response package(s) to your department assistant's office or to be sent by courier to an off-campus workplace (e.g. if you are sessional staff or have an off-campus office). You may also see our Exam Assistant (between 10:30AM and 2:30PM) or one of our Invigilators in the room 1M45 Test Centre and they can also have you sign the log sheet and release the test/exam response package(s) to you. 

Alternatively, you may arrange for either your department secretary or Teaching Assistant to pick up the exam(s) on your behalf - if so, please e-mail us in advance with the full name(s) of these individuals so that we may ensure the release of the exam(s) to the proper person. For security reasons, tests/exams will not be sent through interdepartmental mail.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 786-9771 or  Your input into the services of AS would be invaluable to our planning.

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