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Getting Started

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1. How to access Nexus?

You can access Nexus site here, or go to the Nexus website: https://nexus.uwinnipeg.ca

2. I'm a first-year student and I can't log in.

After registration for this Academic year, you should have received a notice in the mail with a "temporary" computer account consisting of a username/password. You must first "activate" this account:

  1. Log in to WebAdvisor - using this temporary username/password
  2. Change your password - this "activates" your account. Passwords must be 6-9 characters long; containing both numbers and letters.

Your username and new password can now be used for all UW computing services: Nexus, student Webmail, WebAdvisor, etc.

Note: If you have lost/misplaced your notice containing info about this temporary account, contact the Technology Service Desk by phone (204) 786-9149, email servicedesk@uwinnipeg.ca, or in person at the Uplink (4C32B) help desk and computer lab.

3. I can't log in.

Use your regular University username and password.  It is the same login you use for WebAdvisor or a computer lab on campus.

If you cannot log in, please contact the Technology Service Desk or see the answer to: "I am a student: why can't I log into Nexus?"
Please note: Even a correct login may be rejected if you do not have a course in Nexus.  If you are not sure you have a course in Nexus, check your course materials or ask the instructor.

4. I registered for my course after the first day of class and I can't log in.

If you registered late, it may take a day or two before you are entered into the system and given access to your Nexus course site.

5. I don't see the course I expect.

If you are sure that you should be enrolled in a Nexus course (e.g. the course is being delivered entirely online through Nexus, or the instructor of your in-person course has said that they would be posting some course materials on Nexus), there are a few reasons you may not be able to see or access the course in Nexus:

  1. The course has not yet started.
  2. The course ended more than 30 days ago.
  3. Your registration was processed within the last day. All new registrations are processed overnight so it will take at least 24 hours to gain access to your Nexus course after you register for a new course.