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Nexus Browser and Device Requirements

Check your browser compatibility before you log in

Nexus Browser Requirements

If you are using any browsers not listed here, Nexus performance cannot be guaranteed. Some tools/functionality may work; others may not. Please update your browser.

Tip: By default, most browsers automatically update to the latest version. To ensure you are running the latest browser version, D2L recommends that you set your browser to auto-update, and note the following:

  • Ensure that your browser has JavaScript and Cookies enabled.
  • If you experience issues while accessing Nexus with a supported browser, you may first need to clear your browser cache and try again, if this has not been done recently.
  • Attempting to connect to Nexus with an unsupported browser will display an error message, preventing login. Currently, this list includes all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Legacy.

Supported Desktop Web Browsers (in order of recommended/best results)

  • Google® Chrome™ (latest version)
  • Mozilla® Firefox® (latest version)
  • Microsoft® Edge (latest version)
  • Apple® Safari® (latest version, on Apple® Mac OS® only)

Tablet and Mobile Support 

  • Platform: Android™ OS for Android phones and tablets
    Browser: Google® Chrome™ (latest version)

  • Platform: Apple® iOS® for iPhone® and iPad®
    Browser: Apple® Safari® (latest version)