I am a Student - Why can’t I log into Nexus?

Please note that not all courses are on Nexus.

Please confirm with your instructor that course materials are on Nexus and your name is on the course list. If this is your first time accessing Nexus in a particular Term, please wait until the Term has started before trying to log in.

Students will use their WebAdvisor user name and password to log on to Nexus. That user name is provided by the University in your acceptance letter. If you can’t remember your WebAdvisor user name, please contact the Service Desk.

If you cannot log on to Nexus:

  • Please check whether you can logon to the student WebAdvisor (WebAdvisor).
  • If the Term has started, please check with your instructor whether the course materials have been uploaded to Nexus. Students cannot access Nexus if the course has not been created yet.

If you cannot log on to WebAdvisor, please follow the WebAdvisor password reset FAQ in order to get WebAdvisor access. (How do I reset my WebAdvisor password?)

If you can log on to the WebAdvisor, and still have issues accessing Nexus, please contact the Nexus Team using nexus@uwinnipeg.ca or use the Nexus support page (Nexus Support)