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Remote Learning

Though most of our courses are scheduled in person, occasionally a section may be offered online. Section material is accessed via nexus.uwinnipeg.ca. Our current course listings are listed here: please note that this schedule is subject to change. See WebAdvisor for the latest updates. 

Wondering what to expect from your online courses?

Wondering what to expect from your online courses? UWinnipeg is using the categories Hybrid Online, Online Asynchronous, and Live Online to let you know. Please check WebAdvisor to find the delivery method for a specific course. NOTE: Online courses at the University of Winnipeg have Nexus websites (Desire2Learn/Brightspace).

Online Asynchronous: The course is completely asynchronous. All materials will be made available online on Nexus for you to access and study independently. There are no expectations for you to virtually ‘attend’ any classes or sessions.

Hybrid Online: The course is a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous study. Some materials will be made available online on Nexus for you to access and study independently, but you will also be expected to virtually ‘attend’ some classes or sessions (e.g., group discussions). Any of these ‘live’ sessions would occur during the dates and times listed for the course on WebAdvisor. More detailed information will be available on the course outline, or you can contact the instructor if you have any questions about how the course will run.

Live Online: The course is completely synchronous. You will be expected to virtually ‘attend’ all classes according to the WebAdvisor schedule as though the class were in-person.

Computer workstations and study carrels

There are computer workstations and carrels set up for students who need them, for example, if you have an in-person class preceded or followed immediately by a Zoom class, if you have internet connectivity issues, or if you simply need a quiet space to study.

Students who wish to access computer workstations or study carrels must pre-book space using this online form.

Writing Centre (Tutoring)

As students are working on assignments and papers are due, the Writing Centre is here to help. The Writing Centre (3G10—3rd floor of Graham Hall) will be offering both in person and online/remote free tutoring this term. Students from all departments are welcome to bring their writing assignments to the Writing Centre for a free consultation with a tutor. Tutors do not edit or fix papers, but help student writers develop the skills to “fix” their own papers.

Students are welcome to email rhettutor@uwinnipeg.ca to make a Zoom appointment with a tutor.

Visit the Writing Centre website

Accessibility Services

Faculty will make every effort to ensure that materials uploaded to Nexus are accessible. If you have concerns related to accessibility, included concerns about assignment deadlines or requirements, please discuss these concerns with your instructor.

Please call 204.786.9771 or email accessibility@uwinnipeg.ca to get in touch with Accessibility Services staff.

For help with tech issues

Have questions about Zoom lectures? Visit the Student Learning Technologies Zoom Support page, view the Zoom Student Guide.

Log in to Nexus

Need help with Nexus? Visit the Student Learning Technologies Nexus Support page and read the Nexus FAQs.

Find more helpful information on the Remote Teaching, Learning, and Research Hub and the Student Learning Technologies Support Site.

You can also contact Nexus Support directly for help with both Nexus and Zoom.

Contact Us

Any other questions about online Philosophy courses? Get in touch with our Chair, Dr. Adam Scarfe (a.scarfe@uwinnipeg.ca), or our Department Assistant, Angela McGillivray (ad.mcgillivray@uwinnipeg.ca).