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Degrees and Requirements

The Department of Philosophy offers a variety of 3-Year major, 4-Year major, Honours major, and minor degree programs.

Students have the opportunity to select courses from the History Stream, the Ethics, Politics, and Value Theory Stream, or the Metaphysics and Epistemology Stream. Learn more about these streams.

Philosophy courses also provide an excellent theoretical adjunct to majors in other departments and can be combined with other programs for a double major or a minor.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in Philosophy, we encourage you to consult with the Department Chair or a member of the Department to help plan a program that fits your individual needs. Students wishing to pursue Philosophy at the graduate level are strongly advised to pursue a BA Honours in Philosophy. 

General Information

Students are advised that 3000 and 4000 level courses are offered in rotation. To complete your degree in a timely manner, you are advised to meet regularly with the Department Chair or a member of the Department.

Philosophy Course Selection

Year 1 students are advised to take a 1000 level course, although 2000 level courses do not generally require a prerequisite.

For Year 2 students, or beyond, the first Philosophy course may be at the 2000 level.

3000 level courses require a minimum of 12 credit hours in Philosophy

4000 level courses require:

  • A minimum of 15 credit hours in Philosophy (9 credits at 2000 level or higher)
  • B average or better in Philosophy courses
  • Written permission of the Department Chair

Courses may only be counted once for degree requirements

3000 and 4000 level Topics courses may be repeated when the topics are different

Humanities Requirement

PHIL-2302(6) Logic does not fulfill the Humanities Requirement

Credit for Logic courses received by transfer from other institutions does not fulfill the Humanities requirement

Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR)

PHIL/IS-2240(3) Indigenous Justice Issues fulfills the ICR.

Cross-Listed Courses

Approval of the Department Chair or a member of the Department is required to count more than one Philosophy cross-listed course for credit towards the major

PHIL-4700(3) Directed Individual Study

This course requires permission of Instructor and the Department Chair. Students should have demonstrated ability to do independent work. A preliminary course description must be submitted in writing to the Instructor and the Department Chair by the end of the first week of term. Students should consult their Instructor well in advance of that deadline.