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Employment Opportunities

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer as a Tutor for Students with Disabilities

This peer, student-led initiative is looking for students to join a pool of volunteer tutors who would be available to assist students with disabilities as needed.

The organizers are looking for students with knowledge in any area of study. Knowledge in various languages, including American Sign Language, is an asset, and different levels of experience are welcome!

If you are interested, please email one or both of the organizers with a short resume and bio indicating areas of study and your availability. The organizers will then conduct an interview with you to allow them to learn more about you and connect you to students whose needs match your experience and knowledge.

For more information or to submit your resume and bio, please contact:

Sarah Anderson: or 431-451-7690

Rostant John: or 204-451-5575

 The group is currently urgently seeking tutors for the following courses in particular:

  • DIS-1003 - Intro to Disability Studies I
  • ECON-1104 - Intro Economic Theory
  • IDS-1100 - Intro International Development Studies
  • IDS-1200 - Intro Global Citizenship
  • SOC-1101 - Intro Sociology