Withdrawal Policy

Are you withdrawing from UWinnipeg and do not know the next steps?

Please refer to the following guide: 

  1. Are you currently registered in any courses?
    • If you are planning to leave the University before the add/drop deadline, drop all your courses through WebAdvisor/Student Planning to avoid getting charged.
    • If you are leaving the institution after the add/drop date, please withdraw from your courses through WebAdvisor/Student Planning before the voluntary withdrawal date to avoid getting an ‘F’ in your courses.
    • *DO NOT* simply stop attending class, as you will receive an F on your transcript. This will remain on your academic record and may transfer with you or impede your ability to apply for academic programs at UWinnipeg, or other institutions, in the future. 
  1. Have you informed IIRSS about your decision to leave the institution?
    • Please email IIRSS at iirss@uwinnipeg.ca to notify us.
    • If you have a student card from University of Winnipeg, surrender it to Student Central.
    • We will update our records and you will be reported as “not registered” on the compliance report to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  1. Do you have a tuition deposit/balance in your account?
    • Please fill out the Request for Refund form and submit it to iirss@uwinnipeg.ca
    • It takes up to 8 weeks to receive a refund, please wait and do not contact us to check the status of your refund until this time has passed.
    • Your refund will be sent back to the original source of payment only. Funds will NOT be sent to other bank accounts and will not be transferred to other universities or institutions.
    • There is an $8500 administration fee charged to process a refund if you withdraw prior to completing 18 credits. Any tuition that has been paid (not including auxillary or other fees) will be deducted from the $8500 administration fee, if it is past the refund deadline for the courses for which these fees were paid.
  1. Do I have to inform IRCC about my decision to withdraw from the institution?
    • It’s important that you inform IRCC about your decision to withdraw.
    • Log into IRCC secure account to change your Designated Learning Institution.
    • Once you log in to your account please click on ‘Students: Transfer schools’ to change institutions.
    • If you need assistance with updating your information with IRCC, please call the IRCC Call Centre or the institution that you are planning to attend. UWinnipeg cannot do this on your behalf.
    • If you are not changing institutions, you should apply to change your status to visitor or leave Canada to avoid unauthorized stay and implications on next immigration applications.