Course Drop Information


Dropping courses BEFORE classes begin

You may drop a class using WebAdvisor/Student Planning, without any fee penalties, prior to the start of classes. Within Student Planning, click on Plan & Schedule. Click on the arrows to toggle to the term of the class you wish to drop. This will show your “Current Registrations” in green. Click Drop in the box at the course section list of the class you wish to drop. This is found to the left of the timetable. Read the University’s Legal Statement and select Accept (or Cancel). Carefully read the Register and Drop Sections summary to ensure you are dropping the correct class.
Please note: A confirmation notification will appear in the top, right-hand corner of the screen.

Dropping courses AFTER classes begin 

Please refer to pages 16-18 of the WebAdvisor & Student Planning Guide.

If you prefer not to use WebAdvisor, you may drop a course(s) in-person at Student Central, by letter or by fax – see “Key Contact Information” below. Notification by telephone will not be accepted. The same Withdrawal/Drop Schedule applies. Requests to drop a course made by letter or fax will be effective on the date received.

See Withdrawal/Drop Schedule for the specific deadline dates for each Term.

IMPORTANT: Ceasing to attend classes does not constitute a course drop. Failure to follow correct course drop procedures may result in a failing grade and a loss of tuition fee credit. Students may drop without academic penalty from a course at any time before the published final academic drop date applicable to the course. 

Complete Withdrawal from the University

Students who wish to withdraw from all their courses after the start of lectures but before the final drop date can drop them online through WebAdvisor/Student Planning. Please be aware of the final academic withdrawal date - see the Withdrawal/Drop Schedule.  If you decide not to return to The University of Winnipeg, you may drop off your Student ID/Library Card at Student Central and it will be shredded and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.



Student Central
 - 1st floor, Rice Centre (489 Portage Avenue)

Fax Number for Student Central:  204.783.4996  When faxing, please include: first and last name, student number, course(s) you wish deleted or dropped, the date and your signature.

Mailing Address:
The University of Winnipeg,
515 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB. R3B 2E9
Attention: Student Central
When writing, please include your first and last nameyour student numberthe course(s) you wish deletedthe date, and your signature.

 If the final academic withdrawal deadline date for any course has passed, students will not be withdrawn from that course. Please refer to the Withdrawal/Drop Schedule