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Health Insurance - International Students

Depending on your student type and the length of your studies at The University of Winnipeg, you will be covered by different health insurance plans.

Basic Coverage includes doctor visits, hospitalization, medication at the hospital, X-rays, lab test, surgery and diagnostic tests. 

UWSA Extended Coverage includes prescription drugs, vision, dental professional services, massage, physiotherapy, repatriation.

guard.me Basic and Extended Coverage includes prescription drugs, immunization, eye exams, emergency dental, emergency transportation, repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment.

Disclaimer: This coverage is subject to change without notice. Please contact the relevant department to know more about the full listing of benefits.

Are you...?

You are enrolled in - Manitoba Blue Cross (Basic and Emergency Coverage) + UWSA Greenshield Coverage (Extended Coverage). Please note that Manitoba Blue Cross and Greenshield coverage are mandatory for all international University of Winnipeg students. Students will not be able to opt out of Manitoba Blue Cross unless they have a valid Manitoba Health card. Email iirss@uwinnipeg.ca for details.  Please see bottom of the page for rates.

Are you...?

  • Undergraduate/Graduate student
  • Full time/Part time
  • Studying for less than 6 months

You are enrolled in - guard.me (Basic and extended) Health Insurance.
 Please note that guard.me coverage is mandatory for all short term students studying at the University of Winnipeg. Students will not be able to opt-out. See bottom of the page for more details.

Are you...?

  • ELP student 
  • PACE student
  • UW Collegiate student

You are enrolled in guard.me (Basic and extended) Health Insurance.

Fee and coverage details (2022-2023 academic year):



Manitoba Blue Cross (facilitated by StudentCare)

UWSA Greenshield




Basic and emergency


Basic, emergency and extended


The cost of the plan is assessed by term, at point of registration. You will pay it with your tuition fees.

Fall: $344 (sep 1 - Dec 31)

Winter: $688 (Jan 1 - Aug 31)

Newly admitted Spring students: $344 (May 1 - Aug 31)

Fee will increase if adding dependents.

$343.68/full year (September-August, charged in September).

Students starting in Winter will be charged $229.12.

Students starting in Spring will be charged $114.56.

Fee will increase if adding dependents.

$1.65 per day, charged approximately 30 days prior to the start of your first term.


Not applicable, automatically charged

Not applicable, automatically charged

Not applicable, automatically charged


Emailed to you automatically during your first month of study.

No card required. Your GreenShield ID is UWS-student#-00 (please contact health@theuwsa.ca for more information).

Pickup at IIRSS (Rice Centre, 491 Portage Ave, 8th Floor). We will email you when your health card arrives.


Doctor (general practitioner) visits, walk-in clinic or family doctors. Hospital services, x-rays, blood tests.

Prescription drugs, vision, dental, professional services (massage, physiotherapy, etc.), medical items and travel insurance.

Hospitalization, doctor visits, prescription drugs, dental, immunization, physiotherapy, emergency transportation, repatriation of deceased, air evacuation/return home, accidental death and dismemberment, etc.


No, unless you can provide proof that you are covered under Manitoba Health (contact iirss@uwinnipeg.ca before the start of the term).




Yes, email iirss@uwinnipeg.ca for details.

Yes, contact health@theuwsa.ca before the start of the term.

Yes, contact iirss@uwinnipeg.ca before the start of the term.


Manitoba International Student Insurance Plan

T: 204.788.6800

E: service@mishp.ca




International, Immigrant & Refugee Student Services (IIRSS)

T: 204.786.9469

E: iirss@uwinnipeg.ca 


UWSA Health Plan Coordinator
E: health@theuwsa.ca

T: 204.786.9992

W: UWSA Health

0R04 (Bulman Students’ Centre)

International, Immigrant & Refugee Student Services (IIRSS)


T: 204.786.9469

E: iirss@uwinnipeg.ca


Note for graduating students: International undergraduate and graduate students graduating from a degree program are eligible for a one-term medical coverage extension under MISHP after their final term. To apply for this extension, please send your 'proof of graduation' letter, including your student ID number to service@mishp.ca


For information regarding on-campus medical and health services, please visit the website of Klinic Student Health Services.