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Now that your application has been submitted, you might be wondering “what happens next?!”

To give you a sense of timelines and what to expect in the coming months, we have broken some of the steps down. This way, you can keep track of your application and see if there is anything you are responsible for like the application fee and providing additional document

Application Fee

There is a one-time non-refundable application fee required when you apply. If you did not submit your application fee when you applied online, this fee must be received by the University before we can start assessing your application. Click here for information on how to pay this fee.

The application fees must be in Canadian funds and are as follows:

  • Domestic (Canadian)           $100
  • International                      $120
  • Continuance (domestic)       $50
  • Continuance (international)   $120

Required Documents

Depending on the program you have selected, or what category of student you are, we may require additional documents to process your application. We will let you know what we need through WebAdvisor. Some examples are:

  • Transcripts
  • Letters of Reference
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • English Language Requirements
  • Course descriptions and syllabi

Letter of Acknowledgement

After we receive your complete application, including the applicable fee, you can expect to receive a notice of acknowledgement by regular mail or email within two weeks. This letter will address three very important things:

  • Student Number: You will be assigned a UWinnipeg student number. This is a six-digit identification number that will be on all future documents you receive from us. You should use this number in all your contacts with other University offices so that your questions and concerns are efficiently solved.
  • WebAdvisor
    Included in your package, you received a letter with a username and temporary password. This will enable you to access WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is the online system that students access to get information on their student record. With this one system, you have access to almost everything you need to know! Log in with the temporary password. You will then have a chance to set your own permanent password. Some of the functions include:
    • Searching and registering for courses
    • Checking grades
    • Printing off personal account statements and receipts
    • Viewing tuition charges, awards, payments, and accounts balances
  • myUWinnipeg
    Once you have a WebAdvisor password set, you can log in to myUWinnipeg. The myUWinnipeg portal allows you to access several important services:
    • Your University email account
    • Library account
    • University wireless network
    • Online courses

Be sure to log in to your University email account as soon as possible. The University uses this account for all correspondence and communication. It is very important that you check this account on a regular basis.


So how long can you expect to wait for an offer of admission? We understand that most of you want to hear as soon as possible – this is an exciting time in your life! Typically the earlier you apply, the earlier you will hear from us. We recommend that students apply at least 4-5 months before they wish to start school. This allows time for your application to be processed.

The acceptance process can vary in length, depending on individual situations and availability of previous course information. It is a bit of a waiting game as we process all of the applications, and we appreciate your patience. Here are some general timelines:

High School Applicants

Applied By

Date of Notification

December 1

End of February

March 1

End of May

June 10

Mid-Late June

July 2

End of July

*Some deadlines for the Faculty of Education will vary. Please see their website.

Other Applications

If you are not a high school student and are applying under another admission category, it is usually possible to send out acceptance letters within 6-8 weeks. However, for programs with specific entrance criteria, limited enrolment, or transfer credit evaluation the timeline will be longer.