Family Housing

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McFeetors Hall

For couples and families, UWinnipeg Campus Living offers unfurnished 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments in McFeetors Hall. Please read the Family Housing eligibility requirements below before applying.

To apply for Family Housing options, please select the Family Housing Term on the Portal during the application process.


  • Family Housing applicants must be aged 18 or older.
  • Priority is given to UWinnipeg students who are married or common law couples (with or without children) and single parents living with their children.
  • Students applying for our Affordable Housing apartments must meet additional criteria. 
  • (See below for details.)
  • Individual students living on their own are not eligible for Family Housing and should apply for McFeetors dorms  or Balmoral Houses using the correct application types.

More details on eligibility are available in Section 1 of the contract »

Affordable Housing Apartments

The province of Manitoba's Affordable Housing Rental Program is designed for lower-to-moderate income households whose total household income is below a regulated Program Income Limit. Units in McFeetors that are part of this program have a lower rent than the market-rate apartments. McFeetors Hall Affordable Apartments come in unfurnished 1-Bedroom (one unit only), 2-Bedroom, and 3-Bedroom configurations. 

Learn more about the Affordable Housing program here »

Market Rate Apartments

Market-rate apartments are available in unfurnished 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom configurations.

All McFeetors apartments have the following features:

  • full kitchen with major appliances,
  • walk-in closet,
  • living room,
  • full bathroom (including bathtub with shower).

Common Features

McFeetors Hall apartments share on-site card-operated laundry machines and 24-hour security services.

McFeetors hall also has on-site 24-hour security.

Electricity, water, and heat utilities are included in residence fees. WiFi and landline services are not included but are available from BellMTS.

Residence Fees 2018-19

2018-19 Affordable Housing pricing is effective January 2019, while Market Rate pricing is effective September 2018.

Room Type Monthly Payments Term Fees Full Year Fees
(3 terms)
1BR affordable housing $720 $2,907 $8,721
2BR affordable housing $911 $3,671 $11,013
3BR affordable housing $1,161 $4,671 $14,013
2BR market rate $1,152 $4,635 $13,905
3BR market rate $1,246 $5,011 $15,033

NOTE:  a tenant insurance fee, included in the above "term fees" and "full year fees" pricing, is due along with the first payment of each term. The insurance fee will be listed separately on your payment schedule.

NOTE: WiFi is not included in residence fees. WiFi is available through BellMTS here ».