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The Affordable Housing Rental Program (hereafter Affordable Housing) is designed for lower-to-moderate income households whose Total Household Income (THI) is below the Program Income Limit (PIL).  The household will pay for an affordable rent based on median rents in the private market.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Be either a Canadian Citizen, a permanent legal resident of Canada, a refugee claimant, or have legal status to live and/or work in Canada.

  • See item "3." below for accepted forms of documentation.

2. Have a Total Household Income below the Program Income Limit:

  • Household Without Children: $56,694
  • Household with Children: $75,592

3. Provide the required documentation:

  • Canadian Government-issued Identification Card: A copy of Canadian-government-issued ID card (birth certificate, passport, permanent resident card, Certificate of Indian Status, or driver's licence) showing name, gender, and birth date must be submitted for new residents and each of their occupants. This is to maintain compliance with national occupancy standards for each room type. (Continuing residents and occupants renewing their current occupancy do not need to resubmit their IDs). 
  • Proof of Income Statement: A printed copy of the most recent Proof of Income Statement "Option C" for each adult. These forms are available from CRA's My Account website here » 

4. Comply with National Occupancy Standards:

  • A maximum of two persons per bedroom.
  • Household members aged 18 or over have a separate bedroom, except those living as part of a married or common-law couple.
  • Lone-parents, of any age, have a separate bedroom. (Parents and children may not occupy the same bedroom.)
  • Household members under 18 years of age of the same sex share a bedroom, except lone-parents and those living as part of a married or common-law couple.
  • Household members under 5 years of age of the opposite sex may share a bedroom if doing so would reduce the number of required bedrooms. (This situation would arise only in households with an odd number of males under 18, an odd number of females under 18, and at least one female and one male under the age of 5.)

Affordable Housing Application Process

The Applicant is expected to have reviewed the Affordable Housing eligibility criteria and collected the required documentation before applying to Campus Living.

To apply, submit a “Family Housing” application on the StarRez Portal. A non-refundable application fee is required to start an application, and affordable Housing documentation is required upon submitting the application. If your documentation is approved, new applicants pay an application deposit to accept the room offer and reserve the room. (This deposit is not required for current residents renewing their room for an upcoming term.)

Learn more about the application process here »

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