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The Affordable Housing Rental Program (hereafter Affordable Housing) is designed for lower-to-moderate income households whose Total Household Income (THI) is below the Program Income Limit (PIL).  The household will pay for an affordable rent based on median rents in the private market.

2017 Affordable Housing Program Income Limits:

Household without children $53,441
Family Household (families with children or dependents) $71,255

Eligibility Requirements

To live in an affordable unit, applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or refugee aged 18 or older.
  • Have a Total Household Income below the Program Income Limit:
    • Household Without Children: $53,441
    • Household with Children: $71,255
  • Provide the required documentation:
    • Proof of Income Statement: A printed copy of the most recent Proof of Income Statement "Option C" for each adult. These forms are available from CRA's My Account website here » 
    • Occupant information: A copy of photo ID with the names, genders, and birth dates of all occupants living to live with the Applicant. Acceptable documentation includes government-issued driver’s licenses, health cards, and birth certificates. (This documentation is required to help verify that the family is compliant with National Occupancy Standards.)
  • Comply with Occupancy Standards:
    • Parents and children may not occupy the same bedroom.
    • Single persons 18 and over must occupy separate bedrooms.
    • Children age 5 and over may not occupy a bedroom with another person of the opposite sex.
    • Not less than one and not more than two persons may occupy a single bedroom. (I.e., there must be at least one person per bedroom living in the accommodation).

Affordable Housing Application Process

The Applicant is expected to have reviewed the Affordable Housing eligibility criteria and collected the required documentation before applying to Campus Living.

Eligible applicants must create a “Family Housing” application on the StarRez Portal for each year they wish to live in residence. Each Application costs $50 to start.

Campus Living will send an email requesting the required documentation. If the documentation is approved, new applicants pay a $350 deposit to accept the offer and reserve the room. Continuing applicants may complete the application without submitting a new deposit.

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