McFeetors Hall

Campus Living - Room Options

In front of McFeetors Hall

In front of McFeetors Hall

McFeetors Hall Lounge

McFeetors Hall Lounge

McFeetors Hall Lounge Kitchen

McFeetors Hall Lounge Kitchen

Single Dorm Bedroom

Single Dorm Bedroom (Bed linens not included)


McFeeetors Double Dorm Kitchenette


McFeetors Double Dorm Kitchenette

McFeetors Double Dorm Bedroom

McFeetors Double Dorm Bedroom (Bed linens not included)


McFeetors Laundry Room

Located beside Richardson College for the Environment, McFeetors Hall features single and double dorms with premium common areas and 4 exceptional meal plan options.

McFeetors Hall is perfect for first year students, or any student who wants enjoy the benefits of a meal plan, unique amenities, and advanced security.

(Note: Meal Plans are mandatory with McFeetors Hall Dorms except in certain cases. See more about meal plans here »)

Single Dorms

McFeetors Hall has a total of 110 single dorms, air-conditioned, private suites including the following amenities:

  • single bed,
  • desk,
  • desk chair,
  • lamp,
  • wardrobe, and
  • mini-fridge
  • approximately 17m2

Single dorms feature private full bathroom (toilet, sink, shower, cabinet, and mirror). Common area lounges are available for study, entertainment, and supplementary food preparation.

Double Dorms

McFeetors Hall has 30 Double Dorms which can accommodate a total of 60 individual residents. Double Dorms are air-conditioned, shared suites with two private bedrooms having the following amenities:

  • single bed,
  • desk,
  • desk chair,
  • lamp, and
  • wardrobe.

Each suite also includes a shared full bathroom (with toilet, sink, cabinet, shower, and mirror), and a shared kitchenette area with the following items:

  • full fridge,
  • microwave oven,
  • sink,
  • cupboards,
  • kitchenette table, and
  • two chairs.

Wheelchair Accessible Single Dorms

Each floor offers a single dorm floor that is configured specifically to accommodate the movement of wheelchairs. Applicants who require an accessible room should contact Campus Living for availability prior to applying.

Common Areas

McFeetors Hall has two beautiful large lounges on the 3rd and 5th floors with full kitchens, a study area with sofas, and large screen televisions. Smaller lounges are also accessible on the 4th and 6th floors. Lounges on each floor offer microwaves and a place for students to use cooking appliances such as kettles and toasters.