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Important COVID-19 updates!

The application process described on this page is for individual students and student families to become residents of UWinnipeg Campus Living for a minimum of one term.

If you plan to stay in residence for only 30 nights or less, please visit our UWinnipeg Downtown Hostel site ». It's a great option for parents, conference attendees, or anyone planning a short-term stay in downtown Winnipeg!

On this page:

Application Process Overview

  1. Prepare to apply: read the "Application Process Details" page »
  2. Submit your application on the StarRez Portal
  3. Wait for a room offer from Campus Living
  4. Complete your application on the Portal
Ready to apply? Visit the Campus Living Portal »

Application Process for Current Residents

Current residents, read this before applying for future terms »

Cancelling Your Application

To cancel your application, please contact Campus Living. Depending on when you cancel, cancellation fees may apply. Read more about cancellations in Section 1 of the Campus Living Contract »